I don't need to give examples because obviously there is none posted.I think I'm reading between the lines here a bit.Maybe more like he be interpreting her words and actions towards his efforts and may think its disrespect. We don't see the whole picture because I'm sure there is a lot of details he is not getting into incase his wife finds the thread he ould be afraid of her reaction. I'm sure she's said disrespectful things... That have hurt him. Correct me if I am wrong please dividejim.

I know.. As a man that I would feel disrerspected by my wifes unloving behaviour.. If I was making effort to correct my unloving behaviour. Doesn't mean its right..I would just be how I felt.

I'm trying to open up the convo a bit more.. As I'm sure there is more. It in not likely to be she is simply mad at him for years of cycling and "all of a sudden" she's no longer happy with him.