Proverbs 18:17 (NIV)
17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

This shows that one tale is good till another is told and then the truth can be weighted.

Anson Hui is eleven-years-old. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD), meaning his body can't break down or store sugars. He requires frequent daytime feedings (drinking raw cornstarch), and nighttime feedings through a pump that hooks into a surgically implanted tube to his stomach. At the age of five, he experienced developmental delays that doctors feared were connected to autism. At that point in his life, he couldn't speak sentences with more than three syllables. He also became a target for school-yard bullies. No wonder that Anson often asked, "Why did God put me here?"

However, Anson also discovered that he had a gift. He said, "While everyone else was busy talking, I listened and listened to all the sounds around me." His listening skills helped him develop another gift�perfect or absolute pitch. Anson discovered that he could memorize and then master complex piano pieces (such as Mozart's Concerto in D Minor) with astounding speed and proficiency. Anson has won numerous awards and even performed in Carnegie Hall. Anson's trials and his gifts have led him to declare his deep faith in the living God: "I can't decide many things that God has already planned, but I can still choose to work on my dream because I still have workable hands and a body to do it. I believe every single life is unique and special. Each has its own mission and purpose."

About a year ago he received more difficult news. An MRI revealed a benign tumor around his liver, which could lead to a liver transplant, a tricky procedure for any GSD patient. But once again, Anson finds solace in God's faithfulness. In a recent interview Anson said,

I know [there's] always a reason for God to give me a special body and talent. My dream is to be a tool of God � so in the end, I can hand in a beautiful [report] to my Lord in heaven with honor. And the most important thing is�I will never regret this journey on earth. [Julie Jordan, "Music as the No.1 Medicine (Part 2)," The Epoch Times (10-14-10)]

At age three Anson Hui was basically given a death sentence. Yet he continued to live and has faced many more obstacles. He continues to play the piano delighting those who hear. What if the writer had stopped at the first paragraph, we may have assumed the worst. Yet reading on we find Anson praising God for continuing to do miraculous things.

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