Up until this July I had not been the best of husbands. I had a realization and an eye opening when I started putting God first in my life. Sense then I have been listening to what she says her boundaries are, physical , mental, emotional and spiritual needs. She says that she saw a huge change in me and how I am now a better husband and father. I still ask her if there is any thing I can do for her, and how to apply the knowledge and understanding for her needs. She says she does not need my love anymore or my approval, or my help in any matter, because she receives all love from God and has no needs of this world. Even with this I still love her , accept her and try to meet any and all needs the best I can. We talk on a regular basis about our relationship; where it is and where it is going, the best she can say for now is we are working on becoming friends. She has stated that her biggest issue is that she is convicted that she needs to want to love me, however her heart doesn't want to want to love me, and she cannot figure out how to change the non existent want to love me. I have explained that in my biblical view that submitting isn't the same as sacrificing , I view it like I do as a subordinate peer in the military, yes I may have positional authority over that person, yes I may have the final say so, however the other's thoughts, skills, words, and works are just as valuable as mine.