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I'm aching to talk to someone about all of this (when I'm not on a ticking clock having to pay)... but OTOH, I don't want to say anything to any friend or family because I'm afraid it will make the situation worse. I really want to move on from this to a happy marriage, and I'm afraid if anyone knows it will shame her and jeopardize any future we might have together.

Oh goodness, you shouldn't have to go through that - Dr. Harley really is serious that in his experience the marriages where the betrayed spouse exposes the affair are more likely to recover. By exposing the affair you're not going to make the situation worse - you are going to get the support you need and also make it more likely that you come out of this unscathed.

All kinds of family and friends know that my wife had an online affair several years ago. They do not shame her, and we have a great life together.

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