To MelodyLane:

I appreciate your continued responses, but you're not answering my questions. You copy & paste steps about exposing a current affair. I have asked for you to clarify specific steps about exposing a past affair. I've asked twice now. What am I to say to family members, friends, church members?... about a *past* affair? They will want to know why I'm airing all this dirty laundry in public. What am I to say? I can't say I have reason to think she's still having an affair because I have no reason to think so. None at all. And I've been looking. So help me out. How do I answer the question, Why am I exposing a past affair and shaming my wife for something in the past? Thanks.

I can guarantee that there is absolutely no plan in place to leave me for the OM. You're making wrong assumptions based on limited knowledge of the facts. My wife is a highly paid professional. The OM is a punk she agreed to meet only for sex. Nothing more. I read it in the texts in her own words. He is 20 years younger, lower educational standard, lower income, lower social class, etc. Essentially like having an affair with the pool boy. Just a pool boy in another city that she met in a bar who wanted to do it with her. I know all about him because like an idiot he has posted way too much personal information on social media for years. This was not an affair between equals or peers. It was a fling with a boy toy that she never thought would be discovered. All her friends and family would be horrified if she pursued an actual relationship with this guy.

To markos:

Yes, I listened to the show for January 30 on the app. Some good advice. But a lot of sales of books and coaching and stuff.

To the moderator Ariel:

Why no mention of non Harley resources? I understand this a forum on his website, but it seems if there is good advice in other materials, then it should be mentioned. No one has a monopoly on the truth, not even Harley. Otherwise, this all comes across as merely a high-pressure sales pitch that is manipulated only to effusively praise Harley and never honestly critique his teachings. I opened myself up on this forum because I thought I would get honest objective answers, not a one-sided sales pitch.

To SusieQ:

Maybe I need to go over to another forum and ask advice about snooping. But currently I have no reason to think the OM is in the picture at all.