The years before we were married, we would talk on the phone, Skype etc... But never went on a date. my husband wanted to be with me and marry me, but he had people in his life that said I was not for him, they even at one point called me an angel of light. They instead pushed him towards a girl 24 years younger than him. It was a confusing time for me because he didn't want to ruin the authority figures in my eyes so didn't tell me everything

He was very conflicted and these people were an authority in his life so he thought they might be right and he went on a date with her and took her to a wedding.

But after each of these times, the person who was pushing him towards her, would do an about face and be against him being with her.

I was very very very hurt. Not only about her but the angel of light comment, which he puts in my face at times, accusing me if being one.

She still is in his life as a sheep, so he cannot ignore her. She was in tears at our wedding, so I do feel sorry for her, but all the time these authority figures were pushing her towards him, she was showing to him that she likes him, and sleeping / flirting with other guys.

So even if he wanted to, the age difference and her behaviour made it not possible to marry her.

We've been married almost 5 years. She used to hand around at church

I get jealous because she contacts him by text about her problems, etc... We go to lunch with her and her family at a restaurant and she makes obvious to everyone attempt to have him sit near her.

I need help letting go of the past. I seriously need help.

I cannot ignore her also the type of person I am means I am very nice to her.

But I don't want him to think she's better or more fun than me, because my husband and I argue, we see each other as we are, and he sees only the best of her because he doesn't live with her

It's making my marriage difficult that I get jea. Please pray for breakthroughs