I just read through your old posts and it is like a cut and pasted version of this one. I am really concerned that you will brush this new affair under the rug like the old ones.

I see your WH posted. He tried to say all the right things and then followed it up at the end with a demand that we post ‘reasonable’ advice to you. I am not surprised that he would see my advice for you to require him to take a polygraph ‘unreasonable.’ Why do you think that is?

Someone paid for a hotel room, on a ‘shoestring budget.’ Yet paying for a poly is unreasonable. Let that sink in.

I also want to point out the fact that you said when asked he generally comes clean. But in your old post you state that he gaslit and trickle truthed you for a decade. Which is it?

I feel with 100% certainty you are being gaslit and that there are things you don’t know about. My unreasonable advice to require him to take a polygraph in order to start recovery following this last known affair stands. There is only one reason he will balk at the idea to do that, and it is because he knows he won’t pass. If he knows he will pass because he has told you everything, he should welcome the opportunity to prove that to you and us. If you can find the money for a hotel room you can find the money to do what your betrayed wife requires to give you yet another chance.

Writer1, you seem to think that we do not care about you and do not support you. We are giving you this advice because we DO care about you and do not want to see you back here again under these circumstances.