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OK. I can provide evidence to the court.

I was thinking and hoping that the letter would help inform family and friends of what happened. This way they know and she does not get away with lying because her father and mother do not know. They had given us some money to keep but now they do not know that she sent it to her brother and his wife. Basically WW, her brother and wifeare in secret collaboration but the rest of her family does not know and has been lied to that I took the money.

Exposing to the parents and close relatives(is key) would know what happened and would see the evidence. This would ge a big blow to WW. It will catch her by surprise too.

If I recall, Dr Harley already told you to expose the money issue. Here is what you posted on the subject from Dr Harley:

Everything hinges on what's legal, not what's moral. If exposure helps you achieve legal objectives, go for it. If it doesn't, if it actually hurts your case legally, you should avoid it. My general impression has been that exposure of her affair hurts your legal case. Money she sent to her family, on the other hand, is a legal issue, and should be exposed. Did she have a legal right to give away money from your joint account?

So what are you waiting for?

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