Thank you BH, to get some kind of support at this time is what may ultimately keep me afloat.

Yes the OM still frequents the bar. It is owned by relation of hers so it's more than just friends that mingle.. I will have to check out what I can do with spyware. I have not looked into Dr.Harley's Plan A. Thank you for the resource I will look at it now.

Yes, I have the evidence on a flash drive stored in a safe place. Friends and her family are there but technically she leaves by herself. There have been occasions where I have been there also. I am not aware that she travels to other bars. The OM does not list that he is married on Facebook, so I am not positive on that.

I have talked with a PI that basically offers tracking services and half day investigation packages that would only span over a week and a half. I don't know if that is enough time to investigate. If I needed double the time, then things may be getting too pricey.

Yes, it isn't easy but I have access to her devices. As long as I keep pretending that everything is ok that is...