I know it is very tough to be in this situation. Dr. Harley recommends to even talk to your doctor about anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety meds for a short time to help.

Here is a good article What are Plan A and Plan B

Basically Plan A is to be the best husband you can be and show her that you’re the best option. Please read it and come back with questions.

I think if you do hire a PI then a week and half will be plenty of time to find out for sure if the affair is still active. I am sorry to tell you that if they still see each other than there is a very high percentage that the affair is still active.

Have you read the exposure thread? Get all your exposure targets lined up. You need to find the OM’s family and if he has a girlfriend or wife. They will be your best chance to bust up the affair.

If you kill the affair and decide to recover your marriage she will not be able to continue to work at that job. She will have to quit her job. If she has any contact with her affair partner it will keep the affair active.

Can you go to his Facebook and collect all his likely contacts that you need and save them? Once they get knowledge that you know they will try and take the affair underground. That’s why it’s very important to follow the plan.

FWW/BW (me)
2nd M for both
Blended Family with 7 kids between us
Too much hurt and pain on both sides that my brain hurts just thinking about it all.