Well all,<p>At 3am I got a call from my ww, it was a short call but she was to the point. She is ready to come home, there are some things that are hindering her right now. #1 Her passport was taken from her by officials, they are checking it out, she hopes to have it back in a couple of days. I have her passport, so lets just pray that whatever passport she has will get her out of that country. She was very apologetic and concerned that I would not want her home. <p>She told me there is one song that has been giving her hope, "I'll be waiting" by Richard Mark, she has been hoping that the words were true. I will go get it to see what it says. She also heard "our song" and started to cry. <p>She realizes that she has been destroying herself and that she needs to come home. She asked me to tell her parents that she loves them, she also told me that she loved me and that the things she told me in the past were the truth. <p>She has been trying to get money to come home, her words "at this rate I'll never get home" She also said that she doesn't even remember how she got there, "its like I've lost my mind, I have lost my mind" <p>So please pray that God will make a way for my w to come home. I don't know that her coming home is the easy thing right now, but I know that it is the most important step to our healing process. <p>Blessings to you all,