Why doesn't anyone use this forum? It could be a good one!

Anyways I was just looking for some ideas, it has been awhile since I have had a good romantic date.

My bf is so difficult, I asked him, If you were going to die in 6 months what would you want to to do before you died? He said I am dying, I won't have any money or time or strength to do anything!

I tried to explain to him that I just wanted to know if he had any dreams any hopes, that he wanted to do before he died. He said no.

I don't understand how could he not want to do anything? Is he just denying his own wants? Then he never asks if there is anything I would like to do. Even if he did I would probably feel bad now because there are lots of things that I want to do.

The point IS how am I supposed to do anything when he doesn't give me any hints about what he wants? Are there any universal romantic/ sexual things that all guys want? Any ideas would be nice. I am really trying but he not giving me much to go on!