nope, sorry nicname. I met and married the weirdest man I think I've ever known. He didn't even like blow jobs!!! I still think he was sick in the head. He didn't like giving oral sex either. And I've since learned it wasn't me - it was him. Boy was that a relief. We were married for four years, in which he managed to completely drive away any self-confidence I had in myself sexually. Thankfully, I've gotten it back; with a lot stronger standing inside this time. With all the men I've recently noticed watching me over the past few months, all the things my xbf told me finally sank in. Now if I feel like it I can go out and flirt like I used to try to do with my xh. None of the guys tell me I'm dirty for it. That's the way my xh always made me feel for wanting to give and receive oral sex. Thank God he lives a state away from me now!!!!!!!!!