Hi everyone My weekend with H was not very good. S was very sick had 106.3 temp on Sat morning. I had taken him to Dr on Friday evening they thought he had a ear infection had a temp of 102.2. Have meds for that, but then his temp went up Sat evening call patient advisory they gave me 1 hour to get down or I would have to take him into ER. I got it down to 104.1. Sat I was a little stressed Had been up with S for 2 nights straight. Called H to see if he would come and help with S. His temp was down to 103.4 but it wouldnt go any lower. He said he had his own things to do. When I called he said I was over reacting. I called his DR back and they had us come back in they ran a whole bunch of blood work. Found nothing. Thank God. H didnt come over to help. I wonder if this isnt Gods way of showing me that H hasnt really changed it was a show. Well he came by yesterday to pick up his cloths and I wasnt home. he got into the House Im still not for sure how he got in. He was made that I wasnt home. S and I had to run some errands. He is moving to Memphis I think this is something he really needs is the move. I know thats not what the Harleys say but he is putting me through hell with is moodyness. He needs to go away and get his life back together because right know he is very selfish. Everything is me me. He said if he was that sick I shouldnt be out with him. Oh well he was made as hell that I told his parents that S was sick and they jumped his [censored] about not being there for S. Oh well I believe that if God brings H back I will still work at it, but H needs help. One minute he is nice and they other minute he is hatefully and horried. Well It in Gods hands please continue with the prayers.<BR>Well I rambled on enough,<P>Michelle<P>Has anyone else expirenced any thing like this.