BR, Right on, you said it all! My H keeps trying to suck me back into his game. I guess the OW must have gotten sick of it since she doesn't seem to be around much anymore. He's still not an alcoholic even though he admits he drank without eating or sleeping for 2 weeks to make himself psychotic enough to get my attention so I'd try to rescue him. It worked, at least for a day. <P>He has nothing because of me. I took it all away from him because he had a girlfriend. He can't afford to pay 1st and last for an apartment even though he owns a company so he's going to move to Belize and live on the beach and raise butterflies for export. When I don't respond it's because I don't care. He has no desire to change, just to be able to keep yanking someone's chain and with the OW gone, that has to be me, as long as I let it go on. <P>I have to stop letting him suck me back in with kind words and wait to see some positive action before I change my current direction again. Like you said, he seems like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum right now.<P>Sorry things sound like they're not going so well for you right now, at least between you and your H.