Jim, I hear you. And, I just want to let you know, there are other women out there who believe in the same things you do. I'm not Catholic, and I don't really have a problem with birth control. I honestly can't say that a lot of people who are parents should be parents. Let's take my H for example. He doesn't want children. Yes, I think this is very selfish and I think it is related a lot to materialism. Do I think he would be a great father. Absolutely--provided he obtained some sort of desire to have children. But, if I were to get pregnant now, he would hate me and hate any children we might have. I wouldn't burden a child with that for anything.<P>That all being said. I, too, waited for marriage. It was very special knowing that my H and I did sexual things with each other and only each other. It was truly a gift from my H. I loved not having to worry about STDs. I do believe part of marriage is having children and raising a family. So, you see, there are women out there who believe that. I'm sorry your wife doesn't, but have faith, that your W doesn't represent everyone. I am sure that there are women out there whose H's had vasectomies, that did not move right into feeling that their H's were objects to be used. In fact, I would think that having a vasectomy or tubiligation would be more of a permit for that person to become a BS because they would reduce their chance of getting pregnant. I'm not sure I see how your vasectomy prompted your W's A.