Now I'm worried that it has backfired. The extent of his church connections are services once a week and a 4-hour shift at our annual picnic.

It was a building committee meeting this time to determine what all needs to be done with the church properties, and this is his line of work, so it frustrated him quite a bit not to have them listen to what he had to say.

Now he is saying that if they do a particular project before they do what really needs to be done, he may want to go and find another church.

I hate to say this, but I suspect that our clergyperson is exaggerating the condition of our church to make it appear that major 'improvements' occurred under his administration. This is his first church. This is not a wealthy church community. What he is proposing will put us in huge debt - then he will have to transfer to another church while the parish is left with these huge bills.

Please prayer for our church, if you will.



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