I need help in crafting the most effective letter to the OM friends. I am going against outsiders judgement in leaving WW along and letting her spiral on her own but I need to impact OM or their will be very little spiral

Here is my draft....

OM is having an affair with my wife WW. WW and I are separated but still married, we separated after OM had contacted her. He is a friend of yours and I need your assistance. WW is married with 3 young daughter's at home in NC. They are 11, 8 and 6 all of them innocent in this. OM knew my WW in the air force, they dated while he was engaged to current wife. He left WW to go on leave and got married, came back and wanted to her to be his mistress. She refused, then we met and married 12 years ago. No marriage is perfect and we have had our down times but we have had a good marriage.

WW has visited NY 5 times since july 3, leaving her children to go off and have an affair. She believes OM will marry her some day, she even wanted to move OUR children to NY to be with him. AS you know OM is divorcing his current wife, has 2 children of his own and doesn't seem to care about the impact on them. Now he is wanting to impact my children's lives and I will not stand for that.

OM says he loves WW, but doesn't I have my opinions of what his motives are. I ask you to help me protect the children in this affair, they are the innocent ones. Either OM needs to leave my family alone, or have my WW move to NY and they can live their affair out, without impacting my children.

I am done having to listen to my children cry on the phone because their mother is more worried about being with OM than them.

You may feel the need to respond but its not necessary.
If you have anything to would help me in defending my family please do respond.