well me im a 29 yo F married to a 25 yo soldier. We been knowing each other since 2004 and ot married in july 07.Have one daughter 3 yrs old.

Before we got married we were togehther and broke up numerous times after only dating 6 month i got pregnant with our daughter.We broke up during pregnancy.He pretty much was always a womanizer and had a lot of women.

Like in 2007 he decided to give up his wild ways and get married.Maybe i was too naive thinking he would just change. 2 month after we got married he got deployed for 15 month soon found out he cheated down there. i sat at the house raising his child taking care of all his things i felt betrayed and hurt and lonley so i hooked up once with someone. I did tell him that while he was still deployed.

After Deployment was over with we decided to start over again and just to leave the other bull.... behind. While he was being deployed he found a new Hobby down there which was Dj ing so ever since he got back he has been goingto clubs a lot to Dj there sometimes fri sat and sun but only one of thoe days he Dj-s the rest is just for entertainment.I always say he doenst need to be going out that much as a married man. Especially cause he comes home at like 8,9,10 in he Morning. He says he gets drunk at the club and then crashes over a friends house cause he dont want to drive back to housing because the MP s are out here looking for DUI s.

He baerly spends time with his daughter or me if hes at home hes in the Basement in his lil studio he set up. We had a lot of argueements over this clubbing issue and he always was that way theat when he gets mad and feels like being pushed in a corner he gets mean talking bout well lets just get a divorce, if i aint getting nothing from u i get it somewhere else he called me all names from a to Z and grabbed my throat like twice. Other times hes beeing sweet telling he loves us and that he knows hes not the perfect father and Husband. He oftne writes women e mails on a certain web site sayig oh u look good bla this bla that.

2 days ago he told me in a convo we had that he recently cheated on me. He told me that he does love me and that im perfect and do good things and he doesnt know why he did it. he said he should seek some help.He did tell her that hes married and has a child and that he will not be with her...well thats what he told me at least. The next day i on purpose left a number and name on a piece of paper from a guy i used to talk to years ago and he knows the guys name, when he sw it he said that we should go to legal right away file divorce, and that he gives me permisson to go do some with that guy so know he might as well do some with another woman again. I mean i didnt even do anything and he act like im the one who screwed up. Now ever since that he talk normal to me but i dont know what he is up to, or what i should do.