Father, You hasten Your Word to perform it. I believe and confess that _______ is a disciple of hrist, taught of You, Lord, and obedient to Your will. Great is his/her peae and undisturbed composure. __________ has You in person for his/her teacher. He/she has listened and learned from You and has come to Jesus.

___________ continues to hold to things he/she has learned and of which he/she is convinced. From childhood he/she has had knowledge of and been acquainted with the Word, which is able to instruct him/her and give him/her the understanding of the salvation which comes through faith in Christ Jesus. Father, You will heal _______, lead ________ , and recompense _________, and restore comfort to ________.

Jesus gives ________ eternal life. He/she shall never lose it or perish throughout the ages, to all eternity ___________ shall never by any means be destroyed. You, Father, have given ________ to Jesus. You are greater and mightier than all else; no one is able to snatch _________ out of Your hand.

I pray and believe that _______ comes to his/her senses and esapes out of the snare of the devil who has held him/her captive; and that ___________ would judge himself/herself.

In the name of Jesus, satan and every hindering spirit, you are bound in _______'s life.

__________ has become a fellow-heir with Christ, the Messiah, and shares in all He has him/her, and holds the first newborn confidence and original assured expectation firm and unshaken to the end. __________ casts not away his/her confidence for it has great recompense of reward.

Thank You for giving __________ wisdom and revelation - quickening him/her to Your Word. Thank You that ________ enjoys fellowship with You and Jesus and with fellow believers.

In Jesus name, Amen.


scripture references

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