I was a little stressed about where my relationship was going because my girlfriend and I were falling into a routine. I was talking to some friends at work about all sorts of things, just chatting, and they sent me to tetens.com. I ended up getting a free book that Lars Tetens wrote, called Lars on Cigars, after I ordered some things. I read the book and there was something in there that just hit me on another level. This is what struck me; "Softness is the way of the cigar. Patience is a virtue. Great beings throughout time have followed these characteristics and have achieved many great wonders."(Page 14, Lars on Cigars). Softness and patience, now that is something to live by. After I read the book, I re-evaluated our relationship, only to find that I wasn't paying any attention to my girlfriend's needs, and I wasn't very soft or patient with her when she tried to get our relationship going. I felt that I was in charge and that I knew that our relationship was fine. Wrong! After reading that great book, I saved our relationship by patiently listening to my girlfriend, and by being sensitive to her needs. Now we are engaged, and life is looking up for me. I thank the book, Lars on Cigars, for saving my relationship. And just think I got the book for free!!