Hi everyone,

I was gonna stick to my two treads I already have going but this morning I was handed another situation I really not sure how to handle.

For those who don't know anything about us, we we're married a short 10 month's, but I love him dearly and never dreamed we'd ever split. Anyhow !

I have four children from previous, sex and ages are F-16, twin M's-11, and F-3. He has 2 sex and ages are F-24, M-22.

His kids are really disconnected from us and were from him before we ever got togeather, they live with the ex-wife.

My kids on the other hand we're very connected to him, especially the youngest. From the very beginning those two really connected. It was'nt long before he was telling her not to call him Felix call him daddy, it was'nt long before that's all she ever called him. She idolized him, went and did everything with him. He always talked about adopting her and changing her name. My kids father has nothing to do with any of them. Now this !

She always ask whens he coming home, if we should run into him somewhere (this was in the early part of our split) she'd practically climb out the car window hollering daddy. He's speak to her, hug her neck whatever. I even let her call him once (I dialed the number and handed her the phone).

This morning I told her she had to go to daycare so I could go to the doctor.She asked why and I told her to go talk about daddy. She said oh boy can I hug him ? I tried to explain that he would'nt be there, but she just won't believe me. She just keeps prancing around the house saying I'm going to see my daddy ! Yes, I'm going to see my daddy, right mommy !

What do I do ? How do I get her to understand any of them, they are all mixed with emotions ? He was not their birth father but really the only father any of them ever knew.