A new "friend" who works for one of my companies' clients informed me that she is divorced, twice.<BR> <BR>She has been a good sounding board for me and I have appreciated our visits, though it usually is during a brief visit for business.<BR>We have become rather trusting, but not to the point of anything but for conversation. That is how it will probably stay. We are more different than alike.<P>HOWEVER, today when I heard her say she moved here with her then-fiance' after her divorce, my first thought (which did NOT leave my head by way of my mouth) was "affair". After hanging out here and learning the what and why of our predicaments, I had to bite my toungue when she let me know of her second.<P>Judge not...<P>But it gives me a perspective of what type of relationship we won't have. I am not being judgemental (it just sounds like it) and I DID just put her into a catagory. I won't think less of her, just know what mistakes she is going to have to deal with. The hardest thing would be discussing her past without the self-righteous attitude this little bit of knowledge gave me.<P>Solution: listen, not talk. My own behavior, passive-aggressive, which led to my W's actions would have been more difficult to acknowledge if it had been told to me instead of my talking through it. I hope she can learn, too.<P><BR>Just a random thought.<P>rrunrr<BR><P>------------------<BR>Almost anything can be undone or forgiven.<P>Never take trust for granted.