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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by Wdime23
Hello everyone,
I really need some advice on what I should do about my wife's affair. Ok so 6 years ago me and my wife were engaged and in January 2015 she came to me and confessed about an affair she had with a co worker. She is a supervisor and this other guy was one of her employees. Now at first she told me 3 different stories on what happened, then she sat me down one day and say ok I'm gonna tell you the truth. So the story she told me was it was just a 4 month emotional affair that got physical one night she went out with her girlfriends. She left her girlfriends and went to his house. She said it got real intense and physical, I specifically asked her did you have sex with him. And her answer was it kind of felt like it he was rubbing partially sticking it in. She never said actually yes he penetrated me. Anyway she said once that night happened she felt really bad and ended it. I asked her were there any other days before that night where they got physical and she said no. She said there was one other instance in his car but it was just caressing of hair. Now from the story she told me I took time to decide whether to stay and I ended up staying. She cried and begged me not to leave her and she was so sorry. a Year later we got married.

Now ever since then I have never felt closure from it. After a few months she refused to talk about it anymore and said we have to move forward and forget the past. Well recently a friend of mine emailed me. He wouldn't tell me his name but he said he is very close friend of mine. He emailed me 4 different videos from a porn site of what he says is my wife having sex with someone. He told me he was just on the porn site to get his jerks off but came across the videos and was shocked to see her on them. It was obviously from the guy at work she had an affair with. My friend said he was shocked and felt he had to tell me.

I am kind of devastated because now I just know she told me a straight up lie about the affair. In one of the videos she is in the back seat of his car. I really don't know what to do. Should I confront her about these videos or just leave it alone. It seems they were having sex multiple times for who knows how long. I don't believe any of the story she told me now. I don't understand why a women would confess about an affair and then lie about the story. If she would have told me the truth I would of left her and never married her. Please help me guys I don't know what to do
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by SugarCane
She does not have to go out alone if she's having an affair at work - and that would explain why your tracking has not turned up anything.

You need to hire a PI to see what she does when she is supposed to be working.
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