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Posted By: TheNewlyWed Just another prayer request - 06/03/05 10:13 PM
My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years. My husband has a temper. He never has been abusive to me in any way. He was raised in the church... but he was raised as a churchgoer... not as someone with relationship with GOD. He gets upset about small things... and then he blows up about them. He curses GOD while he hits THINGS (never people) and kicks things. I hate to hear him say these things about GOD and to GOD. It really hurts because I LOVE my GOD. I pray constantly that GOD forgives him. I pray constantly for a way to make it better. I pray that GOD will make it better. I'm asking very simply for your prayers in this situation and also any advice you may have to offer. Thanks for listening!

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