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First~~ A <B>BIG THANK YOU</B> to Steve for creating this section!!!<P>May we all find hope and comfort, love and peace, understanding and joy....<P> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>Blessed Hugs & Kisses,<BR>TCF<P>------------------<BR>If you have a special occasion, or see someone here who could use a card... please e-mail me at <BR>Hugs & Kisses,<BR>TCF
Dear Steve and the Card Fairie,<P>There are times in our "rollercoaster" lives, that prayer seems like the last resort. I know I have posted many times requests for prayer. And I believe I have felt the "peace that passes all understanding" during those times when participants on the forum have agreed to pray for me or my situation.<P>My prayer right now, is that there would be a divine intervention for the participants on this board to feel that peace that passes all understanding in the circumstance they are facing at this time.<P>God Bless Us All!<BR>TNT
I guess i'll get specific-<BR>pray that my wife finds the peace she so desperatley deserves<BR>that my son will grow into the man whom he wishes to be<BR>that as parents, wy partner and I do what is best for him<BR>that we ALL heal as a unit<BR>Pray for the OM and family, that they might heal also<BR>Pray for the strenght to see this journey thru.
I think this will be a very worthwhile addition to the MB forums.<P>God Bless
I don't know how to thank you enough for this forum. This is wonderful, may I post my prayers here, where any one an find them w/o having to go back so many pages to hunt them up ?<P>------------------<BR>Just call me - Deb<BR>------------------------<BR>The only day I can do anything about is today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet mine.<P>
Deb, I think you should start a thread for your prayers that availeth much.<P>They are powerful prayers, and I like the scripture references in them.<P>This might be something you might want to send on over to Auntie pooh?<P>covenant, I will pray for the complete healing of the two families. It hink that is very nice of you to want to pray for the OM's family, as well.<P>I just pray again, that God Gives All of Us on this forum, the peace that passes all understanding.<P>God bless.<P>TNT
This is wonderful! Thank you Steve for setting this prayer request area up. I'll be posting prayers and praying for those who posted too. <P>Thanks again!!!
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