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Posted By: yes_dup8 Need y'all's prayers - 01/21/00 10:04 PM
Hey y'all:<P>Just wanted y'all to throw in a prayer this weekend for my whole family. My grandfather passed away this morning. [Linked Image from] (wish we had a crying icon.) Some of you might recall that I asked for prayers last summer when he had a significant heart attack. Well, he made a good recovery, and was seeming to get better, but last night, I guess the old pumper finally gave out.<P>Your prayers would be much appreciated, especially for my grandmother, whose future is now uncertain, since she relied on my grandfather ALOT due to her own health problems.<P>Thanks, in advance, for your concern.<P>------------------<BR>/// Lone Star * ///<P>
Posted By: Paul Moyers Re: Need y'all's prayers - 01/21/00 10:42 PM
Sorry to here about your loss, I'll remember you and your family.
Posted By: Alcoholic's Wife Re: Need y'all's prayers - 01/22/00 05:34 PM
My prayers are with you and your family Lone Star. God bless you and keep you.
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