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Dear Friends, I thought it would be helpful to open a dialogue regarding how the little book, "How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage" has helped us in our individual situations. So, many are hurting and have not read this book. Others have read it but are not applying the scriptural principals to their lives. This material is essential to restoration especially those that look in the natural to be impossible...remember "impossible" is God's favorite way to show HE is in control. Think about the Jews fleeing Egypt and then backed against the Red Sea...this was an IMPOSSIBLE situation but God saved them and destroyed the enemy. The most important principal that was revaled to me was that I don't have a marital problem so much as I have a spiritual problem. God is a jelous God, He wants me all to Himself and the separation from my husband has caused me to seek Him first in my life. Also, my husband is not saved and I beleive the Lord is using the loss of his marriage, his health and finances to get his attention. I read so many post where people are wasting precious time and enegry trying to push themsleves on a spouse that is trying to get away. I did it and it was detrimental to our situation. It made it a lot worst and complicated things right in to the dovorce courts. People need to read this book and get the workbook and tapes. It is very important material and it will give you peace and show you thea reas you need to change as you wait for the lord to develope the circumstances needed for the perfect time of your restoration. Join me in telling the others how the materials on <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> have helped you. Thank you<BR>Mrs. A
Mrs A<P> The book you mention is something I am into on a daily basis. It is all scriptual and very helpful. I recommend this to anyone that wants their marriage restored. Mine isn't yet, but it will be, I have God's promise on that. <P> Also, I belong to some groups that send emails back and forth for prayer requests and encouragement. If you are interested in joining send me an email and I will send you the invites.<P>Barb<BR>
Thanks Barbs for that note<P>I will join you<P><P>Carol
God bless people like you<P>We need more of you all over these discussion forums<P>Carol
Mrs A<P>Please mail me because I have many people writing to my prayer request group with no knowledge of fixing their marriage <P>Perhaps you can help me refer them to the right places<P>Will look at site <P><P>Carol
I am not equipped to help others but the information on the <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> web site is an important resource to aid in the restoration of marriage. You would serve others well by becomming familiar with this information and referring our brothers and sisters to get the material.<P>I am a witness to this material turning marriages around. If it is on your heart to save your marriage this material will give you the biblical principles you need. Its great information even if you have good marriage! <P>I hope you are successful in ministering to our brothers and sisters hurting in broken marriages. <P>Mrs. A.
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