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Posted By: knight?mare "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/26/02 09:48 AM
Well all,<p>At 3am I got a call from my ww, it was a short call but she was to the point. She is ready to come home, there are some things that are hindering her right now. #1 Her passport was taken from her by officials, they are checking it out, she hopes to have it back in a couple of days. I have her passport, so lets just pray that whatever passport she has will get her out of that country. She was very apologetic and concerned that I would not want her home. <p>She told me there is one song that has been giving her hope, "I'll be waiting" by Richard Mark, she has been hoping that the words were true. I will go get it to see what it says. She also heard "our song" and started to cry. <p>She realizes that she has been destroying herself and that she needs to come home. She asked me to tell her parents that she loves them, she also told me that she loved me and that the things she told me in the past were the truth. <p>She has been trying to get money to come home, her words "at this rate I'll never get home" She also said that she doesn't even remember how she got there, "its like I've lost my mind, I have lost my mind" <p>So please pray that God will make a way for my w to come home. I don't know that her coming home is the easy thing right now, but I know that it is the most important step to our healing process. <p>Blessings to you all,
Posted By: cl Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/26/02 01:23 PM
Morning knight,
I am so very happy your prayers are being answered in this way.
If you know what country she is in perhaps contacting the embassy would be helpful?
She cannot remember how she got there? That is shocking-the memory does have a way of protecting the mind/body/heart but this is extreme. I wonder if the embassy would be more apt to intervene if they knew the extent of her illness?
Sending prayers, cl
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/26/02 01:32 PM
cl,<p>Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Because I have already contacted the embassy and the fact that I don't know the name on ww's passport I will wait to see what happens next. If I need to press furthur I will contact my senator to get him to push for me. Its just a thought right now.<p>Blessings,
Posted By: tinlizzy Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/26/02 05:09 PM
Hi Knight, <p>Your story brings tears to my eyes. I feel badly for your wife, because if she's just waking up, she's going to have a hard time coping with the facts of what she's done. <p>Just get her home and deal with things one day at a time. I will pray for you and your family!<p>love and light,
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/27/02 04:07 AM
thanks t.l.<p>I truly appreciate your prayers, I know it will be all God when she gets home. I see no other way, I can not make it happen.<p>knight
Posted By: tinlizzy Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/29/02 10:24 PM
Hi Knight, <p>Have you received any more news on your wife?<p>Tinlizzy
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/30/02 06:11 AM
t.l.<p>Thank you for your concern. No I have not heard any thing yet. I feel I must not be ready yet. I will see all the Lord has for me in His time. Please join us if you can in a fast Mon/Tues/Weds we are not doing 3 full days, just what we can.<p>How are you?<p>Blessings to your household,
Posted By: tinlizzy Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/30/02 04:04 PM
Hi Knight, <p>You are right, it will all happen when the time is right. I will keep your family in my prayers.<p>I would love to join you in a fast. What do you do? Just drink water and fresh juice? I've actually been thinking about fasting, but haven't found any good info on the web about it. <p>My family is doing really well. Thanks for asking. Actually, my mom is visiting us right now and I am just amazed that we used to live together and we're both still alive! I pray that I can let go of my anger towards her and just have a nice visit.<p>Blessings,
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 03/30/02 10:38 PM
t.l.<p>I'm glad to here that all is well with your family. It can be hard to drop the hurts and the pains of the past, but with Jesus all things are possible.<p>The place where I get most of my info on fasting is Shiloh Place Ministry. I have been on many different fasts, the one I will do this next week will be to skip a meal or 2, get a glass of water, and spend some time alone with the Lord. I have also been on "Daniel fasts" which is only being on Veges and juice for however many days. Some of the exteme fast can be dangerous tho so you need to be careful. By extreme I me going w/o food or water or water only for more than a day so it is good to be educated. If water and fresh juices works for you, then that would be perfect. <p>I will count you in then.<p>Happy Easter.<p>Blessings to you and your family,
Knight, how are things going with you? Heard from your wife?<p>Lifting you in prayer...
Posted By: freshstart Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/09/02 04:26 AM
Hi, Knight. I also have been thinking of you and W. I shared in a group how God confirmed my two day fast by you contacting me to participate. They are all praying for you guys now and some even joined the fast last Tuesday, I believe. <p>How is everything? How are you holding up? <p>Please everyone let's cover this amazing man in prayer. Rarely do you see the kind of love he has for his W shown in today's society. They will need so much prayer for their M to heal when his W comes home. Ask the Lord to bring Knight to remembrance often so you can pray.<p>Knight, I have to thank you for the call to fast. Incredible things have happened to me personally and I pray it will be a thousandfold more for you. Thanks for sharing the site where you get help/information. This is something I have longed for in my spiritual life for years and blows me away the new level of power it brings.<p>Keep hanging in there. Your wife is truly blessed. We are anxious to hear from you.<p>Hugs in Him.<p>Fresh Start
Knight I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and your wife and praying for you both.<p>Joanne
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/10/02 02:22 AM
Hey all, thanks for those prayers, thoughts and encouraging words.<p>JSO,
I'm doin' OK, work has been crazy, I can't hardly keep up, I had to hire a guy, praise the Lord. No, no word yet from my w. [img]images/icons/frown.gif" border="0[/img] <p>F.S.
I am so happy that things are going so well for you, we can see incredible things happen when we fast. Thank you for sharing with your praying friends, we are in such a crucial time right now. I am holding up OK. Sometimes it is so much easier to just live life that I don't spend the time with the Lord that I feel is necesary for my recovery. As I told JSO I have had a ton of work lately, maybe I need to afford that plane ticket for WW to get home, I know that He has everything taken care of.<p>f-h-l,
Thank you for your prayers, I know that only the Lord can make this M come back together. <p>Blessings to all of you,
Posted By: freshstart Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/10/02 03:33 AM
So good to hear from you, Knight! Good attitude about the work. Make sure that you are making time for you and your kids, too, though. (From a guilty overworker!)<p>I don't know if it's Scriptural or not but I was thinking that maybe you shouldn't be too hard on yourself about not spending as much time in prayer as you feel you should---maybe this is such a vulnerable time that God is using the army of intercessors to cover you? Certainly if you are hearing His voice to come into quiet time with Him, obey!! But realize that you are (I suspect anyway) in conversational prayer with Him constantly because of all that is on your mind. <p>Those quality times are precious and priceless and you should be encouraged to seek the Father in this way but at the same time, know He understands the very pulse of your being at this moment.<p>Blessings, bro!
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/11/02 03:13 AM

It is good to hear from you my friend. I don't feel guilty, but I know there are times that I know I need to be in the Word or prayer I don't have the energy. I know that God is raising up intercessors to pray over my situation. I have had 2 friends that have told me they will fast daily until my w is home. I cried today when one friend told me he was going to fast. <p>Blessings to you,
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/11/02 04:31 AM
Hey KNight, I just found this page, and my heart goes out to you. I have been waiting 7 years for the Lord to restore my M. I will wait as long as it takes, I will pray for you as well. It is not easy waiting, but keeping our eyes on HIm will certainly help. I look forward to your w coming home too. God Bless you and your children.
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/11/02 04:40 AM
Just thougth I'd share a little about myself. . It has been 7 years since my H left this coming Nov. We will have been married 10 years this June. It all began with an affair, more than one I'm afraid. We are not D'd, he is living with OW, in another province. I am on my own, still wearing my wedding ring, and staying committed to my vows. I made a covenant with God and my H, and I will not break it. I know many people think I'm crazy, but I know what the Lord wants for me in my life, I have had many signs from Him to hang in there. There were so many times I wanted to give up, because I started to see the storm around me. But He always reminds me that HE is looking out for me. I am to pray for my WH, for his heart, and to continue to follow the Lord in all I do.
I am quite happy even though I have my lonely times. God has given me so much to look forward to everyday. I have no children of my own, but I teach over 60 a year to sing. I feel like the mother of many. They keep me busy, and sane!
I know that many people think I should "get on with my life" they, meaning I should find a new man, wrong! I am getting on with my life, it doesn't take a man for that! God is my husband it says so in the Bible, and I go to HIm for everything. I encourage you to stand for your marriage, and pray for the Lord to continue to give you strength in the wait, as He continually gives me.
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/11/02 03:04 PM
Amen Monika, Im going on 4 years and you do encourage me with your stand of 7 years! I dont think it could be much longer for you. God will honor you greatly.
God Bless, Mark
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/11/02 04:36 PM
Thanks for your encouragement Mark, I appreciate it more than you could know! I read some of these postings and my heart just breaks,there are so many hurting people. I wonder how many of them know the Lord, even though the pain is still there, He gets us through so much better.
I can't imagine what my life would have been without HIM, when you can't see hope, how do you go on? I am so grateful for the hope He has given me.
God Bless you too Mark,
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/12/02 03:11 AM
Monika and Mark,<p>Thank you for an example on how to stand with God. How do you make it when you feel that you don't have the energy to make it anymore? I know that the Lord has helped me through in so many ways. I get very frustrated that my life has taken this unexpected turn, but then I just have to give it to God. <p>I got some bad news from my accountant and now I am scrambling to find all my numbers to come up with some more deductions. I know that the Lord provides, but I am tired.<p>God is so good, and I know He will get me through, just really tired and frustrated right now.<p>Blessings to you,
Hi Knight,
I've been hoping for an update! Sorry you haven't heard from your wife yet.<p>Hey, being tired is not a sin. Remember how Jesus called his disciples to him after their first gospel trip and told them to rest a while? Remember the story of David, when some of the army could go no further? David told them to stay where they were and wait for him, and gave them a share of the booty despite the outcry of those who went through the battle - because they had faithfully done as much as they could. Remember when the disciples came in after a night's fishing, and found Jesus waiting for them with a nice fire and bread, honey and wine, and how Jesus took some of their fish, cleaned and cooked them? <p>You are doing what you can. Be sure that God is faithful. Also, God's ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. So His plan for salvation may be different from yours. You heard His word that you would see his salvation in 2 months, that's 3 days from now. But it may not be what you were expecting.<p>Love in Christ, and prayers,
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/12/02 02:22 PM
Hi Knight, I couldnt of made it without the Lord, even close. I did collapse and couldnt get out of bed, lost my job, house and everything and ended up homeless and God provided a LOT!!! of peace and food during this time, then gave me the best job, pay and all I ever had and I woke up one day and didnt know how i really got thru it all except that the Lord brought me thru it all, and He still has to. Im going thru some tough times again with not knowing where my W is again for a month now. She has manic depression, so she is very unstable. We dated this last year and ive been supportive of her getting help and treatment, then she flipped again. I just have to remember God made her and He is the one that is going to have to watch and heal her. Im still learning that i cant. This is a very tough road, but you cant help but grow close to God. <p>The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.Ps34:18
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/13/02 07:16 AM
JSO,<p>Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. You are right, we don't always know what Gods words mean when He speaks. I still am waiting to see what exactly He meant, it still could be what I am hoping and praying for, but it is hard not to look at it more doubtfully. I sure do appreciate your insight. Tonight I went and hung out with a buddy of mine whiles my Mom watched the kids. It was good to get out, but everything reminded me of my wife. <p>Mark (lostpup),
Your testamony of Gods faithfulness is encouraging. I want to learn the lessons of life with out going through such humbling times. I do know that God will be with me every step of the way. <p>Blessings to you,
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/14/02 05:39 AM
Knight, it is certainly no ones wish to go through the humbling, but it is so worth it in the long run. I wouldn't change a thing, because of my relationship with Jesus being so much better than I could ever dream of. Although the WH has no contact with me, I know the Lord is working on him this minute, and every day. He will not give up on my WH, as He will not give up on anyone! Praise HIM !!! My heart aches for each person that is going through this type of mess, I wish I could help each one, but that's the Lord's job, I can pray though! YOu can certainly see the enemy at work all over these pages, and I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around each person under attack, that He may give them discernment, peace and wisdom to deal with each situation.
Take care,
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/13/02 10:04 PM
KM, No one acually likes to be humbled. Its no fun. But as Monika said, it is worth it when you start to look at how close you grow to the Lord. Yes I still have my days when i tell the Lord it isnt worth it, but thats my wounded soul talking and not my spirit. There is a difference. The enemy can manipulate our feelings and lie thru our souls, but not our spirit if Jesus is in our hearts. We have to constantly ask Jesus to take our minds captive. His word is the truth and the enemy constantly tries to tell us it isnt thru circumstances. Thats why the Lord warns us not to trust in our feelings and circumstances.
I usually have to realize no matter how it all looks, its in Gods hands and He knows best whether we think so or not.
May His name be glorified in all our situations here.IJNA
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/13/02 10:38 PM
Monika and Mark,<p>I thank you both for the encouraging words. Most of the time I can rejoice in persecution. I know that it is the letting go process that causes the most pain, because when Jesus has the situation I don't feel the pain. I also know that I need to rejoice in all circumstances, to be thankful in all situations for He is in control, even when I don't feel in like I am in control. If I can dwell on the negative a bit longer it has been stressful with taxes and the guy I have working for me is always complaining, I've been a little out of sorts. Praise the Lord that I have the money that I owe to Uncle Sam. He (Jesus) is worthy to be praised. <p>I went out for coffee last night with a friend (male) in the uptown area, a spirit of lust kept coming up on me. The good thing though was that I found myself often praying for my wife. I was also longing to be with her. God is very good and I know that no matter which way life will turn I know that my friendship with Him will always last.<p>Blessings to you,
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/14/02 06:52 PM
KM, we all struggle with the flesh. It isnt a special spirit that makes us want to you know. For me, i think some of my struggle is unforgivness, in that I will get back at her for being with another. Along the way I have given into this and was convicted real hard. I reaped what i have sewn and lost a good job over my sin.<p>Your W is in the middle east and doesnt know how she got there? Sounds like she has manic depression(bipolar) like my W. I will be praying for you and her. Its all in Gods hands.
Knight, how are you doing? <p>Hey, the flesh is not evil! God created us male and female, with natural drives and longings. It's what we do with those that is either good or evil... you're young, you've been alone quite a while now, you're bound to react physically to the presence of women....<p>Lifting you,
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/15/02 04:43 PM
From a woman's point of view, when my H left, I didn't know how I would handle the sexual part of my life. So I prayed to the Lord to remove any sexual desires, and He has done so. Of course, we must put ourselves out of harms way, for eg. if you are watching a movie or TV, fast forward, or flip the channel when any type of lustful scene comes on the screen, ( there is alot of channel flipping with todays tv programming! ) He will help us, but we still have to do our part. If we see a member of the opposite sex, and we are tempted in our minds, we need to pray to the Lord to remove the desire right then and there, as we know the devil loves to get us in our weakest moments. Maybe as a woman, it is easier for me, I don't know. But i do know that the Lord has truly healed me of any lustful desires for anyone other than my H.
Also, with the doubts that come in, if the Lord has given you assurance about your marriage, trust Him, He will see it through. It is really hard to let go and let God, but we must!
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/16/02 02:51 AM
Lostpup, JSO, and Monika,<p>Thanks for helping me tolerate this weak time in my life. I thank the Lord that I have not fallen and that He will continue to give me the strength as I call on Him. You all are so good to me.<p>I don't recall if I wrote this down before, but I just found out that we(I) will have to pay a fine of $13 a day for every day that WW has been there illegally, which is probably 3 or 4 months. Sin is soooo expensive. I know that God is providing. You all bring me encouragement and joy when I know you all care.<p>Monika, you are right that we need to do our part in keeping our heart, mind and life out of sin. I don't know if it is easier for women than men, I've never been a woman. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif" border="0[/img] God is good.<p>Blessings to you all,
Knight, you're sounding good!! You never used to joke before... nice quips there.<p>Hang in. Only God can move now, so take this chance to rest and recharge, enjoy the view and love your kids. And know that He who is faithful is holding you in His hand.
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/16/02 06:31 AM
Thanks JSO,<p>I think that it is just from hanging around all the nice people hear on MB that are going through their own problems that help me, well all of us to better handle life "in the real world". You are an encouragement to me, thanks.<p>knight
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/17/02 04:16 PM
13 bucks a day isnt that bad... It could be worse, she could have a gambling problem. I can laugh about these things now. I wont go into the cost of my lenthy seperation. It could take my eyes off of Jesus. The Lord has allowed this all for a reason.
Dear Lord, I pray you return KM's W from the middle east soon and start the restoration process of their marriage. Give KM your peace during this trial, and may this bottom his W has hit turn her heart compleatly to you Lord.
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/17/02 04:47 PM
Amen to that,Lost pup! I agree with your prayer. In Jesus name!
Hey Knight, the Lord will supply all your needs even if it was $300.- a day. When my H left, I was only working partime, and today I honestly don't know where the $$ came from to get me through that year! But all got looked after, and although I gave up the credit cards, and had to live on very little $ , I got through! It made me a much stronger person, and now the Lord has given me my own business, and I don't have to scrimp so much anymore! I'm by no means rich, but I can live without worrying about paying the rent etc... Boy when the Lord wants you to trust Him, He sure knows how to get you there! God Bless and keep you and your children, and may he keep your W protected and bring her home safely.
Have a good and Godly day!
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/17/02 06:08 PM
Check out this link, it's called "Husbands and Wives = THe Marriage Covenant"
a good read....<p>Monika [img]images/icons/cool.gif" border="0[/img]
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/18/02 03:36 AM
You guys are soo cool.<p>Thanks for the prayer and the agreement in prayer, where 2 or more are gathered.... right? Right. <p>Tonight at church a friend of mine was having herself a pity party and I shared with her the $13 dollars a day and she cheered right up, both of us had a hearty laugh about it. Her H was amazed that I was able to get her in a good mood. <p>To God be the glory.<p>Blessings to you all,
Posted By: freshstart Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/19/02 04:39 AM
Hey, Knight..just checking in on you.<p>(nice to "see" you, Lostpup..still praying for you, too. [img]images/icons/smile.gif" border="0[/img] )<p>Isn't it awesome to know there are WAY more than 2 gathered in agreement in Jesus' name for the Ms represented here?<p>Lord, we ask for a season of miracles in marriages...restoration, healing, KM's W's safe return, rebuilt relationships between families and seekers and Yourself. We need You, Lord. Nothing is too difficult for You. Thank You for being Strength for our friends here. Amen.
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/19/02 05:00 AM
Hey folks, I could sure use some prayer today.
I had a dream about my H last night, not something that happens very often. I have found it difficult to pray for him in the past 6 months or more, and I know it is selfish, but I found myself getting too sad when I did. I asked my e-prayer chain to pray for him and for me to be able to pray for him again, and this morning I actually did for the first time in ages. It felt good, but of course the devil is not very happy about it, and I have had a really bad day. I found myself remembering way too much of the bad stuff, and prayed the Lord would not allow me to think of these things, but it has definately affected me. I know something must be going on in his life, as I am often prompted to pray for him, I just don't get to find out, as we have no contact. Please pray for him as well, he has been running from the Lord for the last 8 years, and I know the Lord has His mighty hand on him, but this not knowing what's up with him is tough.
Anyway, I thank you in advance for your prayers.
God bless each of you!
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/20/02 12:41 AM
I also had a dream Monika about my W. It was weird, like America had fallen. The enemy tries so hard to get our eyes off Jesus and on to circumstances, esspecially after prayer. I will be praying for you Monika.
Hi Fresh start. Hope all is well with you. Im starting to wish I lived in Canada...
KM, Its encouraging to others when we share our struggles. Sometimes we forget, brothers and sisters throughout the world struggle as we do or worse. When im on a pity party, I share with a friend that makes my troubles look like nothing, and I accept her rebuke, and believe me I get one, and it does help me get my eyes back on Jesus and thats where I find peace. It is the only place these days. You are all in my prayers.
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/20/02 02:30 AM
It is good to "see" you again also. sounds like things are going well on your end. You are always an encouragement to me, you are an example of God's grace to me that all hope is not lost.<p>Monika,
Both my mc and I had a dream about his Mom (my w) last night. In the morning during devotions he asked the Lord to make his dream come true; I love hearing kids pray. I don't often dream about my w anymore but when I do it is always about her being home and the family restored. I can certainly relate to the easier not to pray thing, when we let up the enemy backs off, and when we pray he comes in. I see his plan, why don't I find the strength to press through? Retorical question. I too am praying for you and your H.<p>Mark,
So good to hear from another man facing the same stuggles, though my prayer is that yours ends soon also. God is so good to us, He gives me the strength when I need it. I will seek Him tonight.<p>Blessings and prayers to you all,
Posted By: freshstart Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/20/02 04:27 AM
KM, Monika, Lostpup..<p>Mark-you touched on something. Life goes on around us. Our city and our country just lost 4 good men in Afghanistan. Your country has lost good soldiers not just in this combat but others. Our hearts go out to brothers and sisters in the middle East conflict. It can be so overwhelming.<p>Isn't it a mystery that God is able to comfort each of us individually with all that faces us every day? A mystery for which we give thanks.<p>Even in adversity, He births KM and Lostpup finding one another for mutual encouragement and support and Monika being able to share and what inspires and amazes me about the prayer request forum is the unseen army of intercessors who cry out to God in private and never even tell us who they are but we see change..our hope is renewed.<p>My heart goes out to you each tonight. May His answers for you come quickly now.
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/20/02 04:02 PM
Thankyou all for your prayers! Interesting Knight, that your dreams are the same as mine. I don't dream about my WH much, but when I have I have received dreams of the Lord I'm sure, as they are so real, and vivid. They are also about him coming home, always! It's also interesting that we are all dreaming about our S's at this time.
I am so grateful to see that I am not alone in believing in my marriage, and wanting to have it restored no matter what the circumstances.
I am at the moment contemplating whether or not to call my sister in law, telling her that I dreamt about her, and finding out what's going on without making it look too obvious. In my dream I dreamt that I had called her, and she told me that my H was split up with the OW and was broken up about it. I would love to know it has really happened! But I know that if I do call her and she doesn't mention that, but the opposite, it will just bring me down again. So I don't know!
It is so hard not knowing what is going on in his life! In some ways it is easier, but when the Lord puts him on my heart to pray for, I can't help but want to be a fly on the wall!
Well Gentlemen, thankyou again for your prayers, I will catch up with you in a day or so...
God Bless you all, Moniak
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/20/02 08:46 PM
It is always good to hear from you. Check out my new post. It is really neat to know that the Lord is able to comfort us individually at the same time, exactly how we need it.<p>Monika,
You also encourage me in that you are standing for your M. Do you have any type of support or prayer groups that relate to you in your area. Dreams are so wierd, I often don't know what to think of them either. Generally I take it as a hint just to pray harder, because when I don't things seem to go opposite. I don't know if that is what you have found also.<p>Blessings to you, knight
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/21/02 02:50 AM
Hi Knight! Yes I have some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that are praying for myself and my H. Although those who I know are separated, are going for divorce. I do all I can to try to disuade them ,but it doesn't seem to help. Today I took my niece to DQ for lunch, and as we were there, I saw a man and his three children there, I felt sad, just knowing that it was probably from a broken up family, and then another came in with two boys, my heart just grieves for the broken family, and angers me too.
I think wow, if it gets me like this, what does it do to the Lord's heart?
As far as the dreams go, I think you're right, I know I can go weeks, even months without thinking too much about my H, but then all of a sudden wammo! I can't stop thinking about him! That's when I know he needs prayer!
Well, I pray that our S's hearts will soon hear that still small voice that will not give up on them, and they may join this awesome family we have! Well have a wonderful Sunday, and may you and your children have blessings galore!
God Bless you!
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/21/02 02:46 PM
Thsnks Monika,<p>I know what you mean out seeing broken up families and how it angers and saddens me too. But it was good to acknowledge that this breaks the Lords heart more than ours. I started to read "The Bruised Reed" it a puritan book from the 1600s. It was given to me months ago, but as I read Mt 12 Jesus quotes the verse from Isaiah from which this book is written, I felt urged to start to read it. So far the book is pretty good, I need to get used to the use of the english language used in it tho. <p>You too have a blessed day,
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/22/02 04:46 AM
It saddens me also to see so many split up families and celebraties bragging about how happy that they are now that they got a divorce, etc. Whats even sadder is I see so many of Gods children splitting up. So many excuses. Most of it comes down to lack of forgivness. The fundamental truth of the cross! I have no doubt we live in the ends of time, for the love of most has grown very cold. Im talking Christians. I pray that us here can truly be lights in this dark world. Somebodies got to be...
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/22/02 02:33 PM
Amen. I totally agree with you Mark. Stand as salt and light in a dark and perverse world.
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/22/02 06:15 PM
Praise the Lord, where two or more agree.....
Isn't it good to know that He hears our prayers?
God Bless, Monika
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/23/02 02:23 AM
Yes Monika, It is great that the Lord hears our prayers. God has never changed, even though our circumstances do. God is not a lier, so we can take Him at His Word. I praise God for the encouragment I have here with my brothers and sisters. No weapon formed againts us shall prevail. That includes the mighty weapon of time.
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/23/02 02:17 PM
God is good to us, though through our circumstances we sometimes don't see or feel God, He is there. I was just thinking about the great cloud of witnesses that cheers us on, I am getting excited about my trial right now. I am encouraged because He is on my/our side.<p>knight
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/23/02 04:48 PM
That's the spirit! Why let the devil get us down, when the Lord is in control of it all!
He is still moving stones today, and we must just wait for ours to be moved! With constant prayer and praise to Him. God Bless all of you!
Monika [img]images/icons/grin.gif" border="0[/img]
Posted By: Lostpup Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/24/02 01:48 AM
KM, If God is for us, who can be against us. The forces that are againts us, are God creation. He use's the enemy for His purpose's, otherwise He would of wiped him out with a breath.
God will work out all things(good and bad) for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.
Monika, You are building great treasure's in heaven. Ive always known God can restore any marriage. Its always been a matter of how long could I acually wait on Him to do so. God has been faithful, even when I am not. I have tried to give up with all my own strenth more than once. I always lost all my peace, after the false peace settled, and found it hard to face the Lord. There were a few times when I heard Gods small still voice say, Who told you to give up? Its not about giving up on our WM's or marriages, Its about giving up on God and making a statement that our situations are to great for even God to handle. Thats not the truth, and now that I know the truth, I am accountable for it. <p>Dear Lord, I pray that you would encourage us here more each day. I pray for a closer relationship with you Lord. If there are things in our hearts that need to be dealt with, expose them and heal us. I lift our WM's up to you and plead mercy for them as you turn their hearts back to you fully and to us, their mates. May your name be glorified.
In Jesus name, Amen
Posted By: freshstart Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/24/02 02:09 AM
Lostpup, it is SO GOOD to hear you praising God like that!<p>Just want to encourage you all--keep believing.<p>Mark, you said God is doing about to do something wonderful in restoring Ms. My friend shared something so neat with me last night. She is married but her H is not a believer. He has some big issues and Friend is totally sold out to Jesus--she is putting so much baggage behind her and pressing in to God's goodness!<p>She has been married for over 30 years and suddenly the other night, she looks into her H's face and notices something special about them for the first time--ever! His eyes are brown but have this lovely outline of blue.<p>Reminds me of a beautiful hymn (my H's favorite): Something lives in every hue Christless eyes have never seen.<p>Look for God's beauty as He draws you close and comforts you and brings your healing to each one.<p>He loves you so much. Amen--IF God is for us, WHO can possibly be against us? [img]images/icons/grin.gif" border="0[/img]
Posted By: knight?mare Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/24/02 02:24 AM
Yaaaaa, [img]images/icons/grin.gif" border="0[/img] <p>It is great to serve the risen Lord. You all are an encouragement to me. Praise the Lord!!! \o/<p>knight
Posted By: Stillwaiting Re: "the salvation of the Lord"...soon? - 04/26/02 05:19 AM
The Lord is most assuredly among us here, as the tears well up in my eyes, with each posting I read...
Thankyou for your open-ness!
I have been writing on another page as well, and have just posted what the Lord has done in my life through all these trials, If you wish to read it go to Plan A/Plan B 'ONE DAY AT A TIME' posted today.
page 5. God Bless you all!
Monika<p>[ April 25, 2002: Message edited by: Monika ]</p>
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