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Posted By: Blended family girl 1 - 11/20/03 11:09 PM

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Posted By: Diamonzzz Re: 1 - 11/21/03 05:09 AM
Hi Blended.
This board isn't as frequented as the EN board.


I am so glad you came here. I do most of my posting on the EN board but have been coming here myself more the last few days then ever.

I am ALSO brand new to my city. I know my husband and we have started to attend a church here.

Really, I have NO friends here at all yet. I sure know what you mean about isolated.

I may be starting work here in the next week or so, and I am welcoming it so much.

I am also in a second marriage, and I have 4 kids...

Tell us more about yourself, and again, please don't feel rejected if someone doesn't post back right away .... it is slow on this board though.

What specifically do you need prayer for hon?

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Posted By: Blended family girl Re: 1 - 11/21/03 06:22 AM
Diamonzzz Thank you so much. And it really helps to know that someone else out there can relate. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />
Posted By: LoveMyEx Re: 1 - 11/21/03 09:17 AM
Blended, Sometimes it takes a little while to get a response here... but when you do, well the people here are truly caring people and prayer warriors.

When I was married, I also lived in a new place... with no family or my own friends. It was very, very hard for me and for our marriage (part of many hard things that led to our divorce).

Are you involved in a church? I think that that can really, really help you. Not only so that you can fellowship with others, but also to have real live people praying with you and hugging you when you are feeling down. God strenghtens us through other people... but I tend to think that there is more strength and comfort in real live relationships vs. online ones (where you can't see or hear or touch the person). Maybe also some women have been in your situation and can give you advice.

As hard as it is, you need to "let go" of your daughter and literally entrust her to God. That doesn't mean you turn a blind eye and don't do anything, but all your worrying and fearing, etc... well, it will not help you, your daughter, or the situation. It is natural emotions to feel though, but God can give you the grace and strength to endure.

Have you read any books by James Dobson or Dennis Rainey? They are both really wise on parenting issues. They both also have websites. Dobson's is and Rainey's is

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how long have you and your husband been married? Why did you and ex-H divorce? How long ago?

Well, don't give up on the prayer forum. It just sometimes takes some time. Everyone is out praying and not here on the boards! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

Read some Psalms! They can be really comforting in times of trouble. Hang in there. Part of your 13 yr. old daughter's distancing of herself from you is probably actually plain ol' adolescence and is actually normal. However, you have the complications of two families and that is not easy.

I would really encourage you to read some Christian books on parenting adolescents to help familiarize yourself with adolescents and what is typical for that age group. (Forgive me if I assume... maybe you've read stuff already?).

God bless. I pray that God gives you strength, wisdom, and comfort.
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Posted By: tryingTOsaveMYmarriage Re: 1 - 11/22/03 12:09 AM
I read your posts and I have not been in a good frame of mind. I was going to answer them, but I see you deleted them. So my prayer is not specific but understand I am praying for you.

Dear Father of all. We beseech thee to cover your daughter, BFG, with your enormous Love and Protection. Calm the fears in her heart, replacing them with your Promise of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Keep her daughter(?) safe and free from the dangers of her(?) current situation. Surround both of them with a wall of thorns dripping with the Christ's precious blood. bring the Holy Spirit into thier hearts to guide them in every thought and action, to be in step with You and Your Divine Plan for her and her family.

God Bless,

PS I am adding you to our weekly prayer list.
Posted By: Blended family girl Re: 1 - 11/22/03 12:28 AM
I read some of your story and I will pray for you. I deleted some posts, not because of anyone here. I can't say why on the boards. I just know I have been through some traumatic experiences myself, and you are not alone. Other people have gone through this, and made it. It is going to be ok.

Lord, we bring before you Tryingtosavemymarriage, and stand in your faith on the word, that you will intervene in this situation. Please send your holy spirit to fill up and comfort any void and pain they are experiencing, like no person can. I plead the blood of Jesus over them and stand on the 91st Psalm In the Name of Jesus. AMEN.
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