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Posted By: AndresWife *Urgent Prayer Needed *Got Papers - 05/29/04 07:18 AM
I am asking for prayer for my wonderful husband to turn to God, with his eyes opened, ears hearing and heart softened as well as for all walls caused by any past hurts, unforgiveness or whatever else is tormenting him to be crumbled down.
My husband has seen a lawyer, and I have just recieved a proposal of settlement document.
I have no doubt that when he recieves his copy of what was sent to me, after he reads it, his heart will be heavier than it ever has been with pain before. My husband told me he loves me, told me he has been faithful to me, and that he is only doing this to make the hurting stopm because he cant handle it. Filing will only make all the hurt resurface, and rip deep into his heart . He is such a loving man, I hate for him to have all this pain. I would even take his pain too, if I could. This is all because I had an emotional breakdown. I dont even know what I said or did, just that it hurt him so badly that he says he cant forget it.
I ask mostly for prayer for him, our marriage to be restored, and strength and perserverance for me to be able to stand strong for our marriage, and be fervent in prayer intercession for him.
Nothing is Impossible for God... waiting for a Breakthrough...
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So sorry to hear this is happening to you. Just know that God is with you, watching over you, comforting you when you need comforted. You have come to the right place. We are all here to keep your eyes focused on God & what He can do for you. The weekends are a little slow around here, so please don't get discouraged when you don't see a lot of replies right away. I was peering this morning so I wanted you to know you'll be in my prayers. Keep your chin up & when you feel your worst, turn to God.

God be with you,
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