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Posted By: LUVBUG Romantic Family Dinner - 11/09/99 07:07 PM
A number of years ago when our children were in their early teens, the kids and I prepared a surprise romantic dinner for my husband. We decorated a table for two with candlelight in the family room, cooked a special meal, the kids were dressed as servers and I was dressed up in one of his favorite dresses. We had everything ready and waiting when my husband arrived home. The kids served us dinner and did all the cleanup and had a fun time doing it. It was a special evening for all of us.
Posted By: Bubba O' Riley Re: Romantic Family Dinner - 08/10/02 02:04 PM
This works great. Our 4 kids do this for us at least once a year. Usually when the W needs some EN mets, this has also turned into a tradition for our anniversary.

gives the W a great jump start with EN.
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