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Posted By: sunnspot9 Vacation - 11/15/99 08:40 PM
Vacation, seems simple and obvious, but how many of us take the time and make the effort? We didn't. 8 years of marriage with no honeymoon, no vacation! 2 years ago we took our first vacation, to Maui. It was a family thing, so we didn't have all of our time to ourselves, but a taste of what could be.... This year we took our second vacation. To Maui again. 2 weeks this time. If you haven't spent 14 solid days together, you're in for something. Time "alone together" breeds communication and intimacy, sometimes it can be painful, yet draws you closer. We had a great time. My husband is able to be completely free of stress only on vacation. Watching him play in the waves for hours, like a child, grinning and laughing, walking on his hands underwater, doing somersaults etc. it was very heartwarming, very endearing, and very magnetic. When I ventured in to join in his play, we dove under waves together, held hands, kissed, he carried me around in the water, grinning, and laughing (both of us) showering me with all his attention. I have to say this was THE MOST romantic moment in my entire life. My heart fluttered. We did all sorts of other things too, snorkeling, beachcombing, sightseeing, boat ride, luau, shopping etc. etc. Our time in the waves just playing was the best. You don't have to go to Hawaii, it's expensive, but go SOMEWHERE! Be alone together, have fun, forget "how it looks" or if it seems silly, let go of those "adult" inhibitions. Act like a child, forget the world, concentrate on having FUN together. I must add that my husband hates to fly, and he agreed to go because he knew how much I wanted to, and I promised to never bug him to go there again. It meant alot to me that he would face this strong dread of flying for me, he made a sacrifice for our marriage. Love bank deposits ringing up like a slot machine jackpot!!!
Posted By: LUVBUG Re: Vacation - 11/21/99 03:54 AM
Thank you for sharing your vacation story, it was great! I agree 100% that every couple and every family need vacations! When our children were young we were on a tight budget so we took the family camping. Our trips were a lot of fun, playing and working together to set up camp. Your story also inspired me to share about our 'Romantic Getaways'.
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