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Posted By: LUVBUG 8 Days and & 7 Nights!!! - 06/29/01 10:16 PM
A few months ago my husband and I went on our first cruise together to the Western Caribbean, it was absolutely fantastic!! We love to travel and have taken lots of vacations, but this was definitely the most ROMANTIC of them all! It was so relaxing and the service on the cruise ship was just wonderful. We just had so much fun together: playing, dancing, making love, sightseeing, making love!! And all of our time was focused on each other and our relationship! I think every married couple should go on at least one cruise together.
Posted By: CarolBo Re: 8 Days and & 7 Nights!!! - 07/03/01 01:54 PM
Thank you for that story because my hub was talking about that and I nearly fell out of my chair because I always wanted to go there but never thought the day would come

I intend to work hard towards a holiday so that we can
hopefully go there

It sounds exiting


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