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Posted By: LUVBUG QUESTION? Where did you spend your honeymoon? - 07/03/01 09:17 PM
I have a question for everyone, Where did you and your spouse spend your honeymoon? Please share, thanks.<P><BR>My husband and I had a week off from work. We drove to FL and spent a few days in the Keys, very beautiful and romantic! Then we drove up to Orlando and spent a couple of days at Disney World, it was great fun!
My H and I spent our honeymoon in Quebec City (old Quebec), Canada.<BR>It was very romantic. The french ambiance, cobbel stone streets, quante cafes. Old Quebec is very European. It was absolutely wonderful and very romantic. I would love to go there again.<P>Ooohhh la la
Patient1<BR>Sounds great! I'll have to keep Quebec City in mind for a future trip with my hubby!
Yes - old Quebec city is awesome. Great ambience and great FOOD. It was one of the stops on our "honeymoon" which was driving from Calgary to Halifax where we were relocating. Did the Niagra Falls stop too!
Couldn't go too far from home --- went to San Antonio.<P>Besides touring the sites, visiting the Riverwalk, and hitting the amusement parks, we also went to a 4-star restaurant that is/was? located in their medical area -- and it was very reasonably priced too!<P>Another place that we've been to, also in TX, is Fredericksburg.<P>It's an old German town and they've turned a lot of the old buildings into B&Bs and all sorts of shops. There's a microbrewery and a winery, plus candle-making, antiques, wonderful German food, a maritime museum.... And if you are there at the right time of year there's craft shows and dances.<P>~Amy
We visited San Antonio one year for our anniversary and just loved it! We stayed at a real nice B & B, in an old mansion close to downtown. We really enjoyed the Riverwalk, we ate dinner there along the river at a great Mexican restaurant, it was real romantic. <P>Never heard of Fredericksburg, TX. Sounds great! I'll have to keep that one in mind also.
DH and I spent a wonderful week in the Great Smoky Mountains. My sister had booked us 3 days in one of the nicer hotels there (she's a travel agent.) <P>Little did I know that DH had planned for us to stay in a quiet little log cabin up in the mountains for the other 3 days. It was a wonderful trip. <P>Our 7 year anniversary is coming up on August 20th, and do I ever wish that we could go back to that little cabin, just for one night. [Linked Image from]<P>Jill
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My W and I spent a week up in Canidegua, NY, which is near the finger lakes. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast and we had a wonderful time together. We went to Letchworth Park, which is considered the Grand Canyon of the East. If you like the outdoors, I recommend it. Some day we are going to go back there and do it again. It is also wine country, so if you like to sample wine, there is many places to do that too.
We flew across country and spent 10 days with the mouse. Yup... Disney World.

We have returned twice since then. Once with our kids and once with co-workers.

We are going again this fall with our kids.

Great place to refill the cup of EN.
Add another mark to Disney World for us. We were married in New Orleans and then flew out the next day for 5 nights in Disney World. We stayed at the Dixie Landings and went to all three big amusement parks. Four years later we went back with another couple for our 4th and their 5th anniversary. We had both honeymooned there. We combined 5 nights land with 3 nights on the Disney Cruise Ship and had a great time. Although if I had it to do over again, I would be a little more receptive to my H's needs next time. I wore myself out in the parks and was utterly exhausted by the evening.
We've been to Disney World in Florida too, though not for our honeymoon. Stay in one of the hotels owned by Disney - it's more expensive, but it really makes the magic happen!

Our honeymoon - it was a second marriage for both of us, and we were *broke*. We went camping at the Outer Banks, NC, and at the last moment his ex backed out of keeping the kids so they went with us!

But we try to take a week alone together about every other year. It is wonderful to have NOTHING but each other to focus on. Just relax, enjoy exploring your surroundings together, and not worry about dinner, kids, homework, housework, regular work -- nothing. Amazing the difference it can make!

Two of my favorites are snorkeling in the Florida Keys and Cincinnati (he's from Cinci) - the zoo, the museum, good restaurants.
Las Vegas (got married there too.)

Left on Thursday, married on Friday, home on Sunday. Back to work on Monday. (didn't have any vacation left)
We spent a long weekend in Newport, RI right after we got married.

About a month later we went to Disney World for a week. What a blast we had. I'd love to take her back again, just the 2 of us.
Backpacking for 9 days. We loved backpacking and I knew when we'll get old (as we are now), that we wont find sleeping in tents with bugs as romantic.
We took a three week honeymoon. We flew into Denver and started with a week of skiing and snowmobiling at Copper Mountain.

Then we drove to the Grand Canyon for a few days and a mule ride to the bottom of he canyon, then 3 days in Las Vegas, before returning to Colorado to spend a few days at Vail and dinner at Beano's Cabin. It is a restaurant only accessable by sliegh ride under the moon light. They gave us blankets to keep us warm for the ride and guess who we shared our blanket with? Dr. Ruth and her husband. She was a real card. The day before we went back to Denver we bought a cheap sled and joined a bunch of locals on a hillside. I ended up with broken sunglasses and a huge fat lip.

We spent two days in Denver at a quaint little bed and breakfast before flying home to Florida.
That was a great honeymoon. But as I think about it. We did lots of fun things. But my STBX never planned anything. She never did anything, never planned anything romantic or anything else for that matter. Except with OM.
Usually she would pick a fight and then tell me all the great things that she WAS going to do, but now she wasn't and somehow it was my fault.

I always heard what she WAS going to do. But I never saw her do anything.

Las Vegas (got married there too.)

Left on Thursday, married on Friday, home on Sunday. Back to work on Monday. (didn't have any vacation left)

Vegas, huh? My fiance and I are considering eloping there. Where did you get married? <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
We spent 10 days in Antigua. It was right after Hurricane Hugo. We stayed at the Pineapple Beach Club. We got there at night, after dinner time so they gave us an apple and a tuna fish sandwich. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

It seems like they didnt expect us, they put us in a beach front room which we thought was cool until we woke up in the morning to find no hot water, towels or anything. Turns out they put us in rooms that they vacated because the top floor was blown off from the hurricane. They put us in another room, deducted the cost of one day and the rest was a wonderful honeymoon.

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