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Posted By: BlueJayTx Ladies any Ideas? - 06/28/02 02:38 PM
Okay, Let's see some posts here on how I can create some loving, intimate moments for my wife!

Any ideas?
[Eek!] [Razz] [Smile] [Big Grin] [Wink] [Cool]
Posted By: turtlehead Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 07/15/02 08:36 PM
Well the Romantic Experiences board has been lying idle for over two weeks now, that's a shame [Frown]

One of the very best romantic experiences is one my hubby stole from me. I got all the stuff for a nice spoil-my-man bath and he stole the supplies and gave me the bath instead [Wink] Guess that's why I liked it so well, because it was my idea of what a romantic experience would be.

Here's what you need:
An immaculate bathroom
Lots of candles (find out her favorite scent)
Bubble Bath
Thick washcloth
Maybe a loofah or pumice stone for her feet
Soft music

Set it all up, help her undress, hold her hand and help her settle in, then dribble water over her and caress her with the washcloth. Make sure all her muscles get massaged and all her nooks and crannies get gently cleaned.
Posted By: mylegsRmines Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 07/19/02 11:53 AM
I have always wanted a nice quiet dinner at home with candles and soft music playing in the background. You may also try and surprise her with Flowers to the job or just have someone or yourself hand her flowers as she opens it. (pretend you are the delivery man).
Posted By: LUVBUG Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/08/02 09:25 PM
[Wink] I think a great idea would be to plan a "surprise" get away weekend for her at a nice bed & breakfast or hotel. This will give you time to focus on your relationship exclusively, away from distractions. Take along some bubble bath, candles, wine, flowers, soft romantic music, and have a wonderful romantic weekend together!!! [Big Grin]
Posted By: nawlins Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/14/02 02:33 AM
My husband like me in pretty ligerie. So last week I called him at work & told him to think red or white all day. He said what..I said just think about those two colors. The previous day I had bought a white night gown, & also a pretty sexy red panties & bra set. I also bought red & white wine, red & white candles. I had a few extra red & white pillows to throw on the bed. So when he came in I had him chose either red or white wine with dinner & told him thay would set the scene. If he chose red we had red wine with dinner for dessert he got a beautifully wrapped red present.(Don't tell him what is inside) with the red bra & panties. He was suprised with his dessert, later on we told a relaxing bath with the red candleds & I got into by red outfit....he loved the attention & I love getting the attention & love back!!!
Posted By: Stable aka Angel Face Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/16/02 05:15 AM
While we were engaged my husband worked while I attended university. He agreed to bring me dinner at the university while I was studying for exams. I expected a sandwich.

He showed up with a table cloth, candles, cloth napkins, real dishes & cutlery, wine glasses, and a hot meal including dessert. (He is an excellent cook but take-out from a good restaurant would work for someone who doesn't cook.) He set everything up on a desk and sat down to have dinner with me. I was surprised and thrilled!!! Also my classmates talked about it for weeks. The women all wanted him to train thier boyfriends and the guys started taking notes. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

People are still asking him to "train" thier SOs. [Smile]
Posted By: ymon Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/16/02 09:16 PM
I will be as brief as possible because I saw this on a t.v. show and it made me cry it was so sweet.

Couple dates in college; couple graduates and parts ways; several years later couple meets again, older wiser and still interested in one another; in reminiscing she makes a comment that the only way she will EVER get married is if she walks down a yellow brick road (Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie); months later she and he are still together; she is visiting a close friend in the hospital, telling her how she feels about him; nurse comes in with a tape player, note attached that says play me on it, in the middle of many flowers; press play, she and everyone in the room now hear Come To My Window by Melissa Etheridge; when she finally gets it, she goes to the hospital room window; he is downstairs in the parking lot with a yellow brick road he had drawn up and decorated, with the words in the road: Will You Marry Me?
Vintage, I do say.

Let wifey give you the idea, just listen to her for a couple of days, don't try too hard. and then finish with your imagination. She will absolutely adore that you paid such close attention to her and whatever she has said.
Posted By: turtlehead Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/28/02 06:53 PM
Here's one my hubby did for me recently - WOW.

I'd told him we needed to get some action into our sex life (it was dying a slow agonizing death) [Embarrassed]

You know what he did? Ordered us some "toys" and massage oil from an online adult store.

I was floored. He took the time and browsed and made selections and possibly fought supreme embarrassment putting his name and shipping address on there, but he did it. [Big Grin]

He told me he'd ordered them, but no details. I had to wait until they arrived. When they got here, we stashed the box until we had some quiet time. Then we opened the box up and laughed and said "Wow!" and showed them to one another, and read each other the fantastic claims on the packaging. We laughed a lot, and then we tried them out. WooHoo!!! [Eek!]

I'd only do this *after* bringing up the idea with your spouse to see if they were enthusiastic about it. Some folks (male and female) see it as a commentary on their inadequacy, but we just saw it as a way to have fun and make things a bit easier on us.
Posted By: DKR Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 09/09/02 07:33 PM
Here's what we do ---
We stash the kids with her sister and then go out for a nice dinner.
We then head for home and light the candles and break out the good Tequila. We get out a deck of cards and play a little poker, loser takes a shot.
After a few shots it turns into strip poker (i don't tell her that I actually throw a few hands).
It turns out to be a fun evening and we throw away any inhibitions we have.
You should try it, it works for us.
Posted By: ebab Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 09/26/02 03:27 PM
I've got a few. Pick a Saturday night and take her away to a beautiful hotel room or B&B. Pack a suitcase for her if she like spontaneous moments or tell her ahead if she doesn't like surprises. Pack a nice bottle of wine/wine glasses, scented candles and bubble bath. Plan a dinner at a lovely restaurant then take her back to the room. She may want to know ahead of time that you're going over night so she can pack her own bag. But leave the details out. We tried this and it was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to know ahead so that I could go out and buy some lingerie to surprise him with!
Posted By: goldenapple2 Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 07/31/06 09:46 PM
I've got one pending...My H has a "thing" about shoes. He really gets turned on by tall, spiky platforms...the less practical and sluttier the better.

I found out about this in the early days of our relationship when he was helping me move. I gave him some boxes to carry, he dropped one and an old pair of vintage 40's platforms tumbled out. (I collect vintage fashion)

He actually gasped in delight! He held up the shoes and said "you really WEAR these?" I said yeah, I'll wear 'em to the party tonight if you want. Then he blushed and said "NOOOO, not to the party! Not in PUBLIC!"

OOkey Dokey, fella. I got YOUR number now. Well, we had fun with those shoes until they finally fell apart.

So, last weekend he saw a nearly identical pair of new shoes, that he wanted me to have. We fought about it, because they were too expensive, and I refused to buy them. I was mad, and sad at the same time, because I remembered the early days.

Then I found the same shoes up for online auction, in my size, much cheaper.
I bid on 'em, won the bid, and made arrangements for delivery. To my H's employment.....with a gift card......he'll have to sign for them.....

Now I'm not sure if I did the right thing...I wanted to play a loving practical joke, and I hope he won't be mad or terribly embarrassed at work.

The shoes will be there by Friday... I'll post the results.
Posted By: goldenapple2 Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/11/06 01:24 PM

The shoes arrived. H opened the box at his desk. A coworker looked over and laughed, said to H "You ARE a naughty boy!" Then called to another "Hey, look what came in the mail to _____!" More laughing and backslapping as people came over to see.

H was a little mad at first, but loved the attention....and he told me something else. His boss strolled by to see what the fuss was and said to H
"Well! Obviously YOUR honeymoon is not over."

H brought the shoes home, and told me the story...said his boss might be right, Honeymoon = Not Over.
Posted By: crazyhurt Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 08/25/06 01:22 AM
Here is another great idea...I asked my 20 year brother in law to help out...we ordered dinner from one of my H's favorite restaurants and brought it home. I bought a bottle of wine and some red rose pedals...My brother in law set the table and I prepared the bedroom and a hot whirlpool bath, all of which had sprinkled rose pedals. When he got home...I gave him a bath, my brother in law served us dinner and dessert, and the proceeded to leave (I gave him $40) and then the rest of the evening was a night to remember. My H still talks about that all the time...we take turns doing for each other.
Posted By: Karebear Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 09/18/06 10:06 PM
My husband created a CD/DVD of me growing up and had added all the memorable times in my life,ie.. best friends, family, our first dates together, our wedding, the birth of our kids ect. he put in songs that were my favorite from past and present and ended it with a picture of us with our wedding song playing. He had the cd playing on our TV when I came home from work and he was standin in the middle of the living room all decked out holding a rose in his hand waiting for me to walk in and then when I did he handed me the rose and started to dance with me slowly while we watched the cd. This is one of many wonderful ideas he has done to show his love for me.

Posted By: nugget Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 11/15/06 09:33 PM
Ladies, let's wake this thread up!!! I for one am in need of some ideas too help me re-kindle the love between me and my wife. We are not sexeualy or romaticaly capable right now, so I need hints for somethings I can do or say to her, just so she knows I do love her, but, that are not be physical, just emotional.

Come on now ladies, lets her what you like your man to do or say to you. Help out out this clueless guy.
Posted By: nicname Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 06/16/07 08:19 AM
Jumping out of airplanes!!!!!!!!

with chutes!!!!!

Hot air balloon rides!!!!!

Posted By: Helpless_FL Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 06/18/07 04:19 AM
Need some suggestions to help spark the romance... we used to do the trips, the weekend getaways, the surprise gifts... it all petered out when my wife began stating that it was all over sex... that was a year or two ago, since then I've had a near miss EA, and W is currently between an A and me... hasn't made up mind 'what she wants'...

I need some great ideas to get back in the game! (That don't necessarily involve SF, because we're not there now...) Romance please!
Posted By: _Ace_ Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 06/18/07 04:48 AM
What besides SF is off limits? How creative do you want to be?

Posted By: MarriedMom Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 06/22/07 07:56 AM
Romance can be anything.. just with thought. Heres some things we try.

- we have late night picnics in bed after the kids are asleep. I pack the baseket with our favorites, put on soft lighting and we eat and talk and laugh and kiss

- We go to the amusement park and act like kids. Go on rides, kiss on top of the ferris wheel, take our picture in the photo booth, etc

- I write messages on the bathroom mirror while DH is showering.. when he comes out its steamy but he cna see my love note

- He leaves me little notes all over the house. Just saying "I'm glad your my wife" or "thanks for being so caring". It means alot even though its something small.

- We have date night. Kids or not, my inlaws take them once a month and we've jsut hired a sitter so we can do it at least weekly. Just some UA.. tomorrow is ours this week and were going to lunch at a romantic cafe and then playing miniture golf

Hope I helped.. if not I apologize!
Posted By: Tifosi Re: Ladies any Ideas? - 10/04/07 06:25 PM
Nugget here's one for you. I did this when my W and I were separated.

Create a CD of love songs and just write "Play Me" on it and leave it in or on her car.

I can post a list of the songs I included but make sure you put "your" song on there.
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