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Posted By: Bubba O' Riley Cruisin - 08/10/02 02:39 PM
One of the most romantic experiences that we have shared is running away on a cruise.

We allowed us time to focus on us. No interuptions, distractions, either from family or work.

One of our favorite things is dressing up each night to go to dinner.

Plus a 3 hour full course meal can be full of romance and love enhancing experiences.

3 and 4 day cruises are getting pretty cheap. We like the seven day trips as it seems to take us 3 days just to settle down.

Cruising really is a very good vacation value when you consider what is included. Room, great entertainment, Incredible food, and you get to travel to different ports.

We try to go at least once a year.

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Posted By: LUVBUG Re: Cruisin - 08/16/02 09:48 PM
We went on a cruise a couple of years ago and it was wonderful!!! Absolutely the most ROMANTIC vacation we've ever been on! Yes, you have all the time to yourselves to focus completely on each other! That is great that you & your wife are able to go on a cruise every year! They have gotten more affordable, but we can't afford to go that often, sure wish we could! We do hope to go on another cruise in the near future! [Big Grin]
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