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Posted By: Lazarus Crusader Saran wrap!!!! - 09/04/02 03:12 AM
This is my first post. I've been doing quite a bit of reading and these are all great ideas. Here is one my lovely wife did for me.

One evening my wife went to bed rather early while I was working on the computer. When I went to bed I found her wraped in clear saran wrap. What a site... WooHoo... needless to say it was a lot of fun getting it off of her.

She did say that getting the saran wrap on was a bit of a trick to get it started.

Hope someone can use this.. I enjoyed it!
[Big Grin]
Posted By: Quipper Re: Saran wrap!!!! - 09/27/03 03:27 PM
Dear Crusader,

I think out my ideas as I post. Your thread is certainly good enough to deserve a reply.

Someone parked in my spot, in front of my townhouse, so we saran wrapped the doors closed. We passed the saran wrap roll over the top and rolled it under the car, until the doors were sealed shut. We waited for the person to come to get the car. They were furious, and said, "What kind of neighbors do you have here." It was marked reserved, and we could have had them towed. We helped the unwrap their car. I suppose with carjacking laws, depriving someone of the use of their car is technically a serious crime, so I don't recommend it for cars.

Except my son in college, his car is in my name. So, to get an idea across, that might work. As it is, my son feels he is entitled to 24 hour use of the car, and his mother will visciously defend against any loss of privileges for her little lion cub.

So my somewhat similar idea, as a husband, which I have not yet tried, is when coming home, say to my wife, "Let's pretend I stopped by a topless bar, on the way home, and you pretend you are the waitress. Let me help you become topless."

Marreid 28 years and still struggling

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