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Posted By: middleagedguy Valentine's Day surprise - 01/17/03 01:35 AM
A few years ago I sprung a surprise on my W at Valentine's Day. On VD itself, I handed her a letter with an "invitation" to a "day spa experience". At the bottom the address of the "spa" was our own home. It was full of spa-type experiences, like massage, soaking in a bubble bath, pedicure, shampoo, gourmet meals (that I planned and cooked), and finally, a shopping trip to a nearby mall. It was a blast, and she talks about it to this day.
Posted By: kam6318 Re: Valentine's Day surprise - 01/17/03 01:56 PM
Wow. Maybe I should have you email my DH!

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Posted By: sgross Re: Valentine's Day surprise - 01/24/03 05:40 AM
Wow! I would love it if my H did that for me. That sounds like a wonderful VDay.
Posted By: Marti Re: Valentine's Day surprise - 01/29/03 07:25 AM
What a great idea!! I'm excited about this Valentines Day weekend coming up as hubb and I are having a romantic winter getaway..seems like a l o n g time coming....
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