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Posted By: Alberta This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 02:54 AM
I posted on the Ladies Board about this..had to share. This post won't necessarily help anyone here, but it may prove interesting if not incredible to some.

H's affair was four years ago - internet and LD. We have recovered fully...a long journey but we are in a great place now in our marriage.(yes, there is hope even when you don't think there is)

H's affair was with a young widow with two small children. Her husband died a hero on a rescue mission with the military. She had lost her best friend..etc etc. She provided all sorts of details to my H. In fact one time, when my H called her house, her then four year old answered the phone and heard my H's voice and said "Daddy?". It just broke my H's heart...

At any rate - just last week I decide to clear out some old email - some from her from a few months ago when she had called the house (that's a long story...and another story). At any rate - I decide to "google" her name - just out of curiosity to see if ANY thing she told us about her at all was true. (She's also said she's a physician you see and I can't find a dang thing on her). Anyway - I haven't googled her in a very long time. - wouldn't you know - headline after headline re: her departed Husband. HE died just over a WEEK AGO!! It was tragic, and sudden and he was much too young and now her kids are indeed without their father! Her whole made-up fantasy land story has now come to fruition! TO me that is just mind boggling and I only hope that she was able to be honest with her H. (What am I saying? I don't think she's capable of honesty). At any rate - I have no idea if her H even knew about the A. I just feel for her family right now. I also feel incredible anger on the part of my H (who knows this has happened as well). I mean, she really sold him and he feels even more the fool for his actions.

Amazing, sad and pathetic. Just had to share.
No matter what, I've said a few prayers for them
Posted By: picklesaresour Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 02:58 AM
Wow. That really is pathetic.

She gets the Oscar for "OW Who Make Up Stories"
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Posted By: faithhopelove04 Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 03:03 AM
Oh my, this almost makes you wonder if ther was any "foul play" involved. Seems a litle too coincidental to me... <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="images/icons/shocked.gif" />
Posted By: MelodyLane Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 03:04 AM
Wow, what an amazing story, Alberta. Some people are very scary, aren't they?

I have a girlfriend who was dating a guy off of and he didn't show up for their date one night. He called the next day and told her that his TWO teenage daughters were killed in an accident in a town just 15 miles north of me.

Well, she believed this story until I persuaded her that he had made it up. He called her numerous times during the week afterwards and accepted her sympathy. I knew it was a lie because the death of even one teenager around here is a BIG, front page deal! It turned out to be a big lie, of course and she also found out that he was married.

There are some very sick folks out there.
Posted By: Jen Brown Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 03:41 AM
Oh my Alberta, that is just plain crazy! I can't believe the BS she fed your H - what kind of nutjob makes up lies and kills off their H in them???? And now the real tragedy is upon her and her children. It's all quite sad really.

Hey, being that I live so close to you, I've got a dying curiosity about what paper to read on what day.....but you don't have to share that if you think it's in poor taste.

Sit back, sigh, and thank the good Lord for your good marriage.


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Posted By: Alberta Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 03:44 AM
It won't be in any papers around here. She lives in the northern US

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Posted By: worthatry Re: This is pretty incredible - 09/08/04 12:00 PM
Hi Alberta,

Yes, the human mind is extraordinarily capable of creativity - and rationalization. A beautiful symphony or a contorted fantasy.

You may recall that my WS claimed to OM that I hid money that could have been used on my dying son.

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