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PLEASE HELP. I want to get phone counseling asap. I thought I know everything and i'm finding more. i'm in so much pain.
To set up couseling through Marriage Builders, this is the info on the counseling page:

To schedule an appointment with Steve Harley, you may use one of two options:

Call toll-free 1 (888) 639-1639
e-mail ( an appointment request by completing the form below.
Appointments may be scheduled as early as 6:00am Central Time (GMT -06:00) and as late as 9:00pm Central Time Monday thru Thursday. Appointments may be scheduled 6:00am Central Time to 3:00pm Central Time on Friday, also.
What's going on? Hope you will post on General Questions as there is much more traffic there.

been through this and was desperate for help, I have quite a story and want to help others. Its awful but you will get through it. [email][/email]
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