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Posted By: Anna2000 Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/15/04 07:12 AM
First a quick hello to all my friends!

Second, Do you guys sometimes get this same feeling of wanting to run from any potential relationship because deep down there's that little worry of getting hurt again? I think getting hurt can be heart wrenching!

Yet, I know I want to trust & love again but there's still that other feeling of wanting to run when something/someone seems too good to be true.

Just wondering if you guys feel it too. Especially after a hurtful divorce.

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Posted By: Greengables Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/15/04 12:04 PM
Granted, I don't have my divorce decree yet....

But, I'm scared of the word "relationship." "Dating" I can handle, but relationship gives me the creeps now.

I simply cannot imagine allowing someone that for into me and my life again. And I wasn't the victim of infidelity. Just of a BAD marraige.

So, I don't blame you in the least.
Posted By: lonesome heart Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/15/04 08:29 PM
Hi anna! Every now and then I get the inkling to come back here and lurk. Seems like every time one of my buddies has just posted a message! Lo and behold, here you are.. Sooooo, is there someone in particular????? hmmm?? details! We want details!

I haven't dated anyone yet, but I do have an acquaintance who's a single male and a vietnam vet. Met him through a gardening group and this year he's been here on 4 different days helping me with gardening stuff. I think I grew so accustomed to my ex's short temper, and various other unpleasant and dysfunction behaviors that I found myself 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' with this guy.

For example, at one point, this guy's chainsaw got stuck in the oak tree. I was expecting him to start cussing and acting angry at any second. It didn't happen. I was thinking to myself how unusual this is. It made me realize, I need to have more experience with emotionally healthy people to the point that it doesn't feel weird anymore!

I think it's probably an unrealistic expectation to think that you could love someone and never be hurt. My goal is to have a relationship with an emotionally healthy person, and my biggest fear is ending up with another dysfunctional one. Is it fear of being hurt or fear of another creep that you're worried about? Or both?
Posted By: Wished I WereHome Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/15/04 09:17 PM

I don't think it takes a hurtful divorce to scare you away from being hurt. Being hurt in anyway will make you not want to go through it again.

I believe that so many people here have learned so much that if they do find themselves opening up to someone again, they will know that they will not be hurt by that person.

I know! you didn't think you would get hurt the first time and neither did I.

I also know that I will never make the same mistakes in another relationship again and I'm sure you wont either.

Be confident in yourself in knowing that you won't let yourself be hurt again. But don't pass up what it is that you want just to avoid the risk of being hurt.

Posted By: newly Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/16/04 02:52 PM
Posted By: Anna2000 Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/16/04 03:40 PM
I is so cool to see all the old user names!

I will respond, but my mind is elsewhere...on my son...right now, so I'll do it when my head is clearer!

Thanks for posting!
Posted By: Anna2000 Re: Not wanting to get hurt. - 08/17/04 12:21 AM
GG, I know what you mean! It is so good to see you though!

LH, Good to see you too. We must be lurking around at the same time lately.

I have met a "potential" someone. Over the course of two years I have felt pretty safe with knowing the guys I have met aren't the right person for me, and I don't know if this guy is or not, but I think there is PHB (Potential Heartbreak) from him if I continue down this road and that is so SCARY!


So true. I remember my first love, we were considering marriage, and the first time I walked in on him with another girl was heart wrenching. I would drive by certain places we went and my stomach would literally took a long, long time to get over that hurt.

Is it all worth trying for love again?

Newly, wow, you are wordy today...tehe!!! Nice to see ya friend!

It's so good to see all the old names on here. I hope everyone is doing good. Would love to hear updates!

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