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Posted By: heavenlybody26 Twilight ... - 09/10/03 06:50 PM
if you are still lurking, how are you doing?

I hope that you have been able to focus on the enjoyment of your new baby!

I am still keeping you in my prayers (and your little one too...)

Posted By: twilight Re: Twilight ... - 09/11/03 02:28 AM
I am trying. She is a beautiful little girl, and a quiet baby. From what I gather things are very bad on the other end and it is effecting any possible amicable resolution to issues regarding CS. I just want it all done and I am not being unreasonable about any of it...but it is hard to negotiate with someone who wont acknowledge your existance and so it is now with the lawyers...never a good thing.

I need to step back again and try and find the peace I had in the first two weeks. On a brighter note, I may have gotten a job where I can work from home, doing what I love to do. I certainly can use the money...maybe then I wont be so stressed and I can forget about them for good.

I think being a single Mom is going to agree with me. I get to make all the decisions <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

Thanks for asking!
Posted By: heavenlybody26 Re: Twilight ... - 09/12/03 02:49 AM
Dear Twilight,

You sound like you are in much better spirits. When you first posted you sounded desperate and when another poster said you had just given birth, I feared that it might be post partum depression complicating things.

I remember being sooooo sensitive after my daughter's birth. I had terrible depression for a few weeks. And, that was with adult support at home.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to bring home an infant and be faced with lawyers and the emotions that you are going through.

Making all the decisions can be a definite plus! But don't give up hope that the ex-MM and his W will get to the point where their relationship is strong enough to re-establish contact. The lawyers may make it all look final. But, one thing I have learned is that every single day we get a brand new opportunity to change our lives and start over again.

So keep strong in faith and keep concentrating on your baby girl. Remember that your baby is a miracle. Don't let the lawyers make you feel bad or intimidate you. Stand strong and fight for what's right and fair for your daughter. I hope that you have a good lawyer to protect your interests and hers.

Sending prayers to you and baby,
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