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Posted By: MrNiceGuy Been a while.. - 02/11/16 03:22 AM
Good evening! How's everyone doing? I see the regulars are still mostly around. Thought I would pop my head in here and say hello. Don't want to brag or anything (ok maybe just a bit) but since being here and using tools from here (as well as some other tools I won't mention) my marriage has done a 180.. We have built so much positive momentum.. All those +1's to the love bank have added up and we are in love like teenagers again.

Hard to believe how fast time flys...

The only sad part that's left is in the process of fixing my marriage I have eliminated all the toxic people out of our lives... And unfortunately it seems almost everyone I knew fit the bill.. Except a small handful.

But! Its been worth it... My wife is amazing... Glad wee never divorced or broke up our family.who knows.. Maybe I will be around more during my commutes and forum browsing if I have something useful to say. smile


Oh and my sig is probably way out of date. *shrugs*
Posted By: MrAlias Re: Been a while.. - 03/03/16 01:52 PM
Hey MNG,

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

What great news!!!!! So happy for you and your Mrs. Thanks for the update.

Don't be a stranger. Lots of people need to hear from couples that have success stories. Love to see you participate in helping those in need.
Posted By: SwH Re: Been a while.. - 03/10/16 01:53 AM
Good to hear. I don't come out here as often as I use to either
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