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Posted By: Denali The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 05/24/16 01:45 AM
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the death of our long time administrator, Justuss. She passed away on Sunday morning, May 22nd, from a long illness. Her board name was NerlyCrzy and was one of the earliest members of the forum, joining in 1999. She became a board moderator in 2002 and began serving as administrator in 2007. She served the board faithfully for many years and will be sorely missed.

Please keep her husband, Sam and children, Chad and Brandi in your prayers.
Posted By: markos Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 05/24/16 01:49 AM
God bless her family. Her board family here will certainly miss her.
May God Bless her family. She was a wonderful person and I cared very much for her. frown
She will be extremely missed, Rest In Peace JustUss. pray
Sending condolences to her family. Rest in peace.
Posted By: markos Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 05/24/16 02:18 AM
I can remember several emails I sent JustUss the first year I was here during which she revealed she was very sensitive and compassionate and concerned about the experience posters had on the board and the way they were treated. (In fact she was watching and intervening while people here were harassing me!) I hope her family knows what a good work she was doing here online and are proud of her, and if they see this I hope they know that we are grateful and are praying for them.
Posted By: Prisca Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 05/24/16 02:18 AM
Thank you, JustUss, for everything you did.
Some years ago I was in hell. Some people who have walked out of hell came back in to rescue me. Justuss was one.
My rescuer, my hero, my friend.
I will never forget her hospitality to my family when we visited her in 2010. My rescuers and heroes all visited for love and wisdom and amazing BBQ.

The world was blessed by Justuss and it is colder because of her loss.

Jesus look kindly upon my sister as she enters heaven.

See you in a bit JustUss :')
Such very, very sad and heartbreaking news. I will never forget the kindness Justuss extended to me over my many years as a poster here. She was a very special and compassionate soul. May she rest in peace. I will be praying for her family.

Mrs. W
JustUss and her family are in my prayers.
Looking back at old postings to this forum, one can see that it was once a very chatty place where folk wisdom often prevailed over true Marriage Builders solutions. As long as I have been here, it has been focused on actually helping people by using Marriage Builders principles to solve problems. No doubt, it was the hard work of those like JustUss that we have to thank for making this forum such a terrific resource for marriages in trouble.

Thank you, JustUss, for leaving us this great legacy. Rest in peace, our good friend.
Posted By: Denali Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 05/24/16 07:05 PM
The thread was inadvertently closed down for comments. We have been made aware the problem and have opened the thread. Sorry.
She was a wonderful friend and a great support during the darkest days for me. Thank you, Justuss!
To Sam, Chad and Brandi-

May you all be comforted and reminded of the good times you had together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Very sad to hear this. RIP Justuss/Pam
My heart was broken to learn of her death. JustUss was a rock for me when things were rocky. We spent hours on the phone. I treasure those hours now.
So terribly sad to hear this. May she rest in peace. Praying for her family.
Yes, so sad to hear, what a wonderful person, giving so much all these years. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.
I was so surprised and sadden to hear this. She was a wonderful and kind woman. I truly regret the missed opportunity I had to meet her in person last year. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted By: Neak Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 06/09/16 01:58 PM
I've been blessed in my interactions with JustUss. She was a true friend, and touched many, many lives, including mine.

(So have most of the people who've already commented.)

Thank you!
Posted By: Ron_C Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 08/08/16 04:33 PM
Are players go to JustUss2 and her family.
Many thanks for your help
God bless
Always fair. Always helpful. Thanks for all you Contributed!

However, personally never knew Nerlycrzy /Justuss were one in the same.
Interesting, looking back over many years.

Can't help but wonder whom else is who.
Oh, no! I met her at a couple of our MB reunions. She was a very lovely person. I am surprised to learn her Admin. identity. She had a rare combination of warmth and dignity.
Posted By: oswald Re: The passing of our Administrator, Justuss - 10/23/16 05:11 PM
From a long time ago member and virtual old friend.

God bless you, Justuss.
Very sorry to see this, my sympathies to her family. I haven't nÚe on the boards for over four years and just saw this.

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