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Posted By: hurtlovehope Need to end an emotional affair....... - 05/21/10 02:19 AM
I have been having an online affair for over a year now. In my head I know it should end, but my heart is having trouble letting go. I need any kind of advise from anyone that has been in the same situation. We are both married and he lives 4 hours away. So, that has made it hard for us to meet in person.....or should I say that it's a good thing that he live that far. If he was closer I would think that my marriage would have already been totally destroyed.

Hello hlh,

You need to start a thread on the Surviving an Affair forum. You will get the help you need there. Please follow the advice you are given. Your marriage depends on it.

You've come the the right place to learn how to create a romantic, intimate marriage. The first step is ending all contact with your affair partner telling your husband the truth.

You can do this!
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