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Posted By: AllurinGreenEyes OT question - 12/31/08 02:48 PM
My name is still on my Ex's paid off car. He's remarried. Do I legally need to be concerned? His name was on my old car but when I bought my new car 2 years ago he gladly signed off of mine and we've never dealt with his.


Posted By: cinderella Re: OT question - 12/31/08 03:01 PM
I would try to get it off. I would think he would be agreeable.
Posted By: TheRoad Re: OT question - 12/31/08 03:15 PM
As an owner of a vehicle, whether you drove it or not come lawsuit time the lawyers will go after who ever they can. As a owner you are a potential target.

A few years ago some car leasing companies were getting out of the car leasing business. The leasee would get into an accident where there would be major damage. Not just physical but loss of life by wrongful death, huge long term medical care needed to be provided for. Especially when the leasee's car injured a 21 year old person that may live for another 60 years.

So what happens is this 21 is now a paraplegic or lost two limbs or never will walk again.
Never hold a job now, etc...

The leasee's insurance may only be the minimum their state requires will not cover the judgment.

So who do the lawyers look to collect money from when the driver can not pay enough?
Who ever owns the car. You are a co owner.
Posted By: Tabby1 Re: OT question - 12/31/08 04:08 PM
Agree with Road and I have another example. My car-pool guy once sold an old car privately. The buyer never went into the MTO to get the ownership changed. I guess they got pulled over for something or another and the cops searched the car and found drugs. Because the car was registered to him, he was charged with possession and traffiking. He got booked and fingerprinted and everything! He beat the charges (he had proof he had sold the car) but it was still a very harrowing and nerve wracking experience.
Posted By: AllurinGreenEyes Re: OT question - 12/31/08 04:40 PM
Yikes! do I just sign off and not request half of the value of the car?
Posted By: Tabby1 Re: OT question - 12/31/08 04:44 PM
Is there much value to the car? Worth going to court over? Is there anything in your divorce settlement to cover this?

If it were me, unless the car was a valuable antique or Porche, I would eat the cost. The risks are too high to make it worthwhile delaying while you fight with your X over it.

I do recommend that you go into the MTO/DMV (whatever it's called there) WITH your X to make sure your name is off.
Posted By: TrulyHappytoBe Re: OT question - 12/31/08 06:19 PM
I had a car problem with my exH also. When we divorced, he was to re-finance the car loan into his name only and release me from the liability. However, knowing what a lazy, do nothing fella he was, I had it written in the settlement agreement that he had 90 days in which to re-finance the car, and/or if he missed 3 car payments and I had to pony up to keep my credit safe, I had the right to repossess the car, pay off the loan and sell it and keep all proceeds.

That's exactly what happened. My ex was arrested, and the car impounded. The sheriff showed up at my house with a notice that the car was going to auction because no one claimed it at the police auto pound. I had to pony up $775 to get it out of the pound, and then I called the loan company. He had missed two payments and was working on the third when I called. I had to come up with the late payments, and pay the rest of the outstanding loan (to the tune of $4,100)to keep the car from being repossessed and my credit getting whacked. Then I got the title, forged his signature (I don't recommend this particular plan of action, but I had no choice - he was in jail)and sold it for $3,900. The $200 loss I took was well worth the peace of mind.

Posted By: booka Re: OT question - 12/31/08 11:16 PM
I'll add that I don't consider this to be an off-topic issue at all.
Posted By: RuffledNOT Re: OT question - 01/01/09 12:37 AM
Another variation to Tabby's example: Car is stolen and used for robbery: your name is on it too.
Posted By: ba109 Re: OT question - 01/01/09 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by AllurinGreenEyes
Yikes! do I just sign off and not request half of the value of the car?

Yikes! Now you're talking attorney. He signed off on yours, why not just sign off on his. You likely have to get a new title. Tell him you will gladly do the runaround and pay the fees so it will be no inconvenience to him.

Also make sure the lien holder is removed from the title. This is often forgotten after the car is paid for.
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