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Posted By: tccoastguard New GI Bill - 10/22/09 11:38 PM
Empty forum... it's like there's an echo in here. crazy

This isn't really marriage related per say but since education is my thing, I wanted to see if there were any spouses out there making use of their service member's GI Bill to further their education. The new version of the GI Bill allows active duty members to transfer their GI Bill benefit to a spouse or a child which in my opinion, is a pretty good deal since a large majority of active duty soldiers and sailors end up not using it!

My wife is going to quit her job and go back to school next fall with my GI Bill, hopefully getting into a nursing program at some point. Anyway, I hope some folks are considering this because in today's economy, every leg up for military spouses is a good thing. It's hard enough to work when you have to move every few years....
Posted By: AnnieK Re: New GI Bill - 10/23/09 12:04 AM
Our son just started college and the new GI bill is paying for 80% of it. What an unexpected blessing that was. We didn't know about it until my husband's post-deployment benefits counselling a few months ago. The moment I realized exactly how much they were going to pay was among the happiest of my life! shocked
Posted By: tccoastguard Re: New GI Bill - 10/23/09 12:55 AM
That's awesome! smile
Posted By: Soolee Re: New GI Bill - 10/23/09 01:53 AM
I think that's a great thing. We really need to take care of our veterans and their families better.
Posted By: ComingAbout Re: New GI Bill - 10/27/09 03:56 PM
It is a great deal. Unfortunately since I am already retired I can not pass the education on (Only I can use it). So it will probably be wasted. A back up plan if I were to loss my job...

The only negative aspect when compared to the service member using the Post 9/11 GI bill is the lose of additional benefits the service member would get going to school. (I.E. Cost of books, and additional E-5 BAQ/BAH stipend).

So... I caution "IF" there is a chance the service member would consider returning to school... Consider all the benfits you will get in comparision.

An example... If I lost my job today and had the time to return to full time student status. I would receive the educational advantages of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and approx $1400.00 a month stipend for living expenses, As well and my pension. Those additional living expenses do not transfer to anyone other than the service member.

So in summary. If you had service member and family member who were both going to end up in college. It's probably best to pay for the spouse or child out of pocket.
Posted By: Amazin Re: New GI Bill - 04/01/10 12:08 AM
My wife is going to quit her job and go back to school next fall with my GI Bill, hopefully getting into a nursing program at some point.

There are some eligibility requirements that have to be met before you can transfer your benifits. For example: commiting to 4 more years of service.

Here's a link to the VA website

When the new bill took effect I was already retirement eligible so I don't have to do anything. I can transfer my benifits without a commitment.

A very smart thing that the congress did when they wrote the bill was to make the benifit the sole property of the military member and not community property in the event of a divorce. So a cheating soon to be ex spouse can't get your education benifits in the divorce proceedings.
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