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Posted By: Soolee Military websites - 10/28/09 12:20 PM
I must have saved some of the links on Word. I will try to hyperlink these as the day goes on.

Book: Military Retirement Benefits in Divorce

Survival Guide for Marriage in the Military
Posted By: Soolee Re: Military websites - 01/22/10 08:05 PM
This may be a duplicate:
Posted By: Soolee Re: Military websites - 08/09/10 09:20 PM
Saw this on while looking for MB books and found this list:
Posted By: monclerr Re: Military websites - 10/04/10 09:28 AM
Posted By: DaisyTheCat2 Re: Military websites - 11/03/10 09:11 PM
I would like to add to the list. It has some "self-help" for spouses and military members facing divorce but what I (and my troops) found REALLY helpful is that has connection to a counselor with no impact to the military person's career.

Military and dependents can get free formal 12-sessions with a licensed counselor when they go through MilitaryOneSource.

Also, if they don't want formal counseling they can get no-charge anonymous counseling through a MFLC (Military Family Life Consultant). The MFLC you get through the family support agency at your local post/base.

Hope that helps someone.

Posted By: devena Re: Military websites - 11/09/10 11:36 AM
I didn't understand exactly for what you guys are searching.
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