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Posted By: jltab0 Active duty Navy - 09/09/16 11:34 PM
Is anyone in Oahu? I would like to see if anyone on here is near my location to talk face to face about this program.
Posted By: Denali Re: Active duty Navy - 09/09/16 11:57 PM
Jltab0, Marriage Builders does not advocate face to face meetings outside of the forum or our professional services because we cannot vouch for the advice you might receive. You can recieve free advice on the forum or reach out to Dr. Harley at his radio show at He will give you free advice. Dr. Harley always appreciates the opportunity to assist those in the armed forces.

Paid options would be to use the MB professional services at the "coaching center" or "courses, seminar and accountability" links.

Please email me if I can be of assistance. Thank you.
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